Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 15

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 15
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Large Professor (production on this track) keeps that MJ “Human Nature” beat at the center here and honestly any beat with that at the center ( ) has my positive at tention. NAS’s “Illmatic” is a top contender for best hip-hop album ever (I will not postulate any further than that, but it’s one that I never get sick of). This is the last song off that and it always leaves me wanting more (which at that point – and this is true – I usually go to 9th Wonder’s “God’s Stepson” and am satiated). (Rick)

We hope that someday ROBOTS AND EMPIRE get back together for at least one more show. This 4-piece post-hardcore outfit from Poughkeepsie, NY, used to play CT about once every six weeks for years, bringing out everyone’s inner groove-mosher. I would lose my mind when they played. Check out the other projects the members have going on now, Living Laser & Winterlong. Both bands will have new records out soon!

Com Truise captures that late 80’s future aesthetic (portrayed future from that time) in this short thriller. Put on your sunglasses because there is a lot of neon grafx going ’round this elektro traxxx.

Last month, hugely influential band, The Stooges announced that they were working on new material for the first time since 2007’s, “The Weirdness”. This week, we got restocked on a bunch of older Stooges titles. Check out this documentary short on one of the most important bands in rock history.

HTRK – “Bendin'” from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

HTRK and Tropic of Cancer have a split coming from Ghostly International soon. I’m looking very much forward to it. Can’t get enough of the slow melancholic reverberations. (Rick)

A friend of mine traded in a copy of American Nightmare’s “The Sun Isn’t Getting Any Brighter” 7″ yesterday and it made me think about all the times I saw them in the early 2000’s. Exploding out of the booming Boston straightedge scene, the y took aggressive hardcore to new heights, by fusing hard mosh parts with darker introspective lyrics. Deathwish Inc. will be releasing a documentary about the bands recent reunion shows. Check out the trailer.

Tomorrow night, the post-hardcore band Texas is the Reason will be performing for the first time since their 2006 reunion as the headliner of night 1 of Revelation Records 25th Anniversary Fest in New York City. TITR to me, is one of the most important “emo” bands of the 90’s. Check out what the band has to say about playing together again in this short documentary video.

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