Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 18

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 18
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After a brief break from this regular feature due to weather and general happenings we’re back in the swing of it. Check out some new and not so new music via videos! 

At the end of the night I like to get into my cocoon stasis and this is the soundtrack that Andy Stott provides.

These fuzzed out weirdos keep making fun music and fun videos. This is off their latest.

Sometimes you are just in the mood for some dance jams. Sometimes you want to join the J.A.M.S. That latter part is basically everyday for me (Rick).

Saving Norton Records after Hurricane Sandy from Dust & Grooves on Vimeo.

Norton Records had their warehouse flooded last week during hurricane Sandy. They’re in the process of dealing with that nightmare now. If you’re in New York, they could use some help with the clean up.

Here’s to hoping the new My Bloody Valentine album is released by the end of the year as Mr. Shields promises.

Brit pop with a jazzed out backing band on this melancholic track with pretty desolate imagery.

The original version of this song, by Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs is one of my all time favorites. Actress Amanda Seyfried does a fantastic job with it here.

Friendship! Our friend Chip Crane now lives down in NYC so another friend Benn Grim went down and made a video with him and more friends. We still have some of Benn’s last CD here, btw. CT Hip-Hop.

On this title track from the recent album by Mark Stewart (yes, of The Pop Group) and Factory Floor (DFA RECORDS vets) we get exactly what you might expect when an adventurous rock stalwart mixes with a young industrial techno act. Or maybe you wouldn’t expect it at all.

Bombastic rhymin’ and jukin’ rave rhythms. World clash of styles done with great effect.

When it comes to videos and picking directors Björk has consistently been ahead of the curve (see: Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze…). This one from Andrew Thomas Huang is no exception. Tectonic plates, magnetic strife, sandy color spectrums, eruptions… and breakcore. Yep.

Black Marble – “Cruel Summer” from Hardly Art on Vimeo.

The new Black Marble LP came out recently. Some CT expats (Eraas) did a remix for them recently, too. Check out this spooky stage play video for their dark synth pop.

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