Summer Street Team: Spread The Word, Reap The Rewards

Summer Street Team: 
Spread The Word, Reap The Rewards

Stickers that are stuck around.

So, we’re looking some energized and motivated folks to help spread the word of Redscroll amongst the denizens of Connecticut (and possibly beyond for the ultra-energetic and motivated).  

Al & Josh holding our banner.

It will be really easy and simple. Just stop by the store and we’ll talk to you about some possible stops for you to bring flyers, stickers and possibly temporary tattoos (we still have some of these, but when we run out that’s it). You could travel around to a lot of shops we’re already friendly with and to some we just enjoy. You’ll place flyers in shops and at designated posting places (bulletin boards).  You’ll take fun pictures of them in their new homes and we’ll reward this work with a Gift Certificate (merit based – the more you do the more the Gift Certificate will be). 

We also would like a fun energetic soul to hand out flyers at the many shows going on in our great state this summer. In exchange for your soul…. uhh, I mean energy, we’ll get you into that show for free. 

Our friend Tim at MoMA’s Rain Room

So, if going around putting stickers and flyers in hands and in places sounds like a nice way to kill a summer afternoon and/or evening while driving around our wonderful territory then stop by the shop and we’ll get you set up.

2 thoughts on “Summer Street Team: Spread The Word, Reap The Rewards”

  1. I was hoping I could join the street team, because I can really help promote red scroll records. I can slap a sticker on my bike, go around town and hand out a bunch stickers and tattoos because that’s what everyone likes!

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