3rd Of January 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews + Lee Ranaldo And The Dust Ticket Give-Away!

3rd Of January 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews + Lee Ranaldo And The Dust Ticket Give-Away!
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Before the update let’s quickly get you acquainted with our Lee Ranaldo And The Dust event ticket give-away. Manic Productions has a show coming up next Thursday with this fine group and Steve Gunn. You can visit this event listing for the full details on the Manic site. To get a pair of tickets come into the store and ask about the give-away for this.
Lee Ranaldo
Here’s the game part: Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley (who plays in The Dust) were also in Sonic Youth. When was the last time Sonic Youth played New Haven and where?
Tell us at the store and claim your prize: A pair of tickets to next Thursday’s gig!

The actual update part of today’s post is pretty abbreviated with it coming on the heels of the holidays. Definitely look back at the last couple if you missed those. Next week’s should be back to normal size with many deliveries already scheduled.
LPs & 12″s
Bad Swimmers    “See You” (Ltd. Ed. /200 Blue Vinyl + D/L) 10″
Bastard Noise / Lack Of Interest    “The Hoak Sessions”
Brand New    “Your Favorite Weapon” (10 Year Anniversary Edition; Remastered + D/L With Extras)
Ceremony    “Rohnert Park LP”
Gentle Art Of Chokin’    “(2nd LP)” (Black On Black Cover)
Last Words    “Last Words”
Metallica    “Kill ‘Em All” (Remastered)
Metallica    “Ride The Lightning” (Remastered)
Metallica    “Master Of Puppets” (Remastered)
Sacrilege (UK)    “It’s Time To Face The Reaper: The Demos 84-86” (2LP)
Sucked Dry    “Dog Children”
Youth Of Today    “We’re Not In This Alone” (Color Vinyl)

Acacia Strain, The    “Above / Below”
Backtrack    “Can’t Escape”
Balance And Composure    “Acoustic”
Cold Stare    “The Circus”
Demolition    “World Gone Mad”
Friend Or Foe    “Outsider”
Hard Stripes    “Hard Stripes”


Different Dentist / Waxy Tomb Gold Eight
Different Dentist Waxy Tomb Gold Eight
This split cassette provides two uniquely brain-bending styles of good ol’ noise. Oakland, California’s Different Dentist unleashes “Slicer/Periscope,” mixing a variety of perpetually changing sonic textures: voice, synth and tapes that buzz, burst, warble and screech. It all makes for a busy, unpredictable trip through darkness, with the opposite side’s track complementing it well. Waxy Tomb’s “Recoveries” takes a more straightforward approach with a distinct metallic rhythm, hard-to-describe outer-space sounds and heavily blurred robot-ghost vocals.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Mean Lady Love Now
Mean Lady Love Now 300x300
(Fat Possum)
On their debut album, this Delaware duo’s flowery psych-pop sounds sweet enough for both kids and adults to enjoy. Multi-instrumentalist Sam Nobles backs Katie Dill’s soulful crooning with friendly melodies of piano, synth and more. The old-timey-sounding theater-style piano is the instrument that sticks out to me the most, right from the uptempo bloom of welcoming opener “One Big Family.” One highlight is “Far Away,” starting with a minute of what sounds like an underwater waltz before the squishy, scattered beat kicks with Dill wistfully singing as someone not yet old enough to marry an overseas lover. “Bop Bop” is probably the prettiest, again performing a switch: lo-fi guitar plucking gives way to a twinkling tapestry of angelic synth backed with handclaps.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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