Hostage Calm “Die On Stage” LP/CD + Test Press & Ticket Give-Away!

Hostage Calm and Redscroll have quite the history together. We’ve known these crazy kids since they were actually crazy young kids going to punk shows in the area, forming At All Costs and then forming Hostage Calm in that project’s wake (we even did sound for the final AAC show). We put out the “Lens” album back in 2009 and they’ve been branching out and building on that base ever since. Hard working fellas, they are.

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We’re excited to have their new album on our shelves now. We’re even more excited to be able to give away extra goodies with it. We’ve got dog tags, stickers and a poster for anyone who buys the new record or CD – while they last of course.

And one more thing… TWO (2) MORE! Come in and buy the CD or LP and enter a chance to win a TEST PRESS of “Die On Stage” and a pair of tickets to the record release show!

Hostage Calm Redscroll Arc Promotion

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