Blackout at Sunrise Sale #9

Holiday season is upon us. Our post-Thanksgiving weekend sale is on the horizon. It’s our 9th annual! We appreciate everyone that’s made it possible to have it be our 9th and this is one way we show it every year. Join us!



First off the sale will be these days & hours:
November 27th 8AM-9PM 
November 28th 10AM-8PM
November 29th 10AM-6PM

(Facebook Event)



PrintSpecial Black Friday RSD Releases: A full list of these can be found at this link. We’ll have a list up of what we specifically will have available on our update which will be posted on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving.

15% Off New Stock
: LPs, CDs, Tapes, Equipment, Record Care Products, and anything else that we carry as a new item in the store. It’s all 15% off during the sale.

40% Off Back Room Used Records
: Our back room is where we keep our general used selection. Jazz, Country, Soul, Rock’N’Roll and a few more umbrella-terms. Lots of stuff and all of it will be ultra primed for the picking on this weekend. The tent that we’ll have set up will also house a lot of 40%

20% Off All Other Used Records
:  The used Underground, Hard Rock / Metal, Highlighted Latest Used Arrivals, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soundtrack, Comedy and Compilation sections all fall into this category. Basically, if it’s not in the tent or the back room and it’s used it’s 20% off.

Used CDs $1
: Used CDs that are out in the front room will be $1.

plain-black-t-shirt-back-and-front-diwju6t0Spend $100 Or More Get A Free Shirt! (While They Last) 
If you spend over $99.99 at any point over the weekend you’ll be eligible for a free one time Redscroll T-Shirt design available until they’re gone. The T-Shirts will also be available for purchase.  Watch our social medias for a sneak peak of the design. (links to all those are at the end of this post – t-shirt will not be a plain black shirt, but those rule too) They’ll be available in sizes small through extra-extra-large.

white tentRecord Tent In The Back! 
Yep, as addressed above it will be full of used records that will be 40% off! Easy access digging and no heavy lifting with these all on (or under) tables and not stacked up like we have in the store most days.



[Note / Reminder – local folks who order from us online: online orders don’t apply to sale & cannot be made for pickup during sale. No holds during sales in any way. Also during sale: No Trade-Ins, No Consignment Business]


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Normal hours: Sun & Mon 12-6PM, Tues-Sat 12-8PM