RSR PC 018 Rich Martin – Telegraph Recording Company

On this episode we talk to Rich Martin. Rich has been involved in the music and arts of the southeastern corner (Mystic, New London & Old Lyme specifically) of Connecticut since his youth.

Rich Martin / The Telegraph Logo

Rich opened a store, The Telegraph (TelegraphNL on social media),   as an extension of his record label in 2010 in New London. He also currently helps run a jazz club and basically has many burners going with many projects in the works.  We talk about all we can within a reasonable time!

Tracklist for episode

Opening song :
The Hempsteady’s “Still Life with Woodpecker” Seance! Seance! (The Telegraph Recording Company)

Rick’s Listening:
O/H “Poverty Line” Market Values (L.I.E.S.)
Space Camp “Gender Reveal Party” Force Femmed (Howling Frequency)
Kamaal Williams “Snitches Brew” New Heights / Snitches Brew (Black Focus Records)
New Order “Ceremony” Total (From Joy Division to New Order) (Rhino/Warner)

Josh’s Listening:
Mansur Brown “Shiroi” Shiroi (Black Focus Records)
Mdou Moctar “Kamane Tarhanin” Blue Stage Sessions (Third Man Records)
Tamikrest “Tisnant an Chatma” Chatma (Glitterbeat)
Laurie Spiegel “Passage” Unseen Worlds (Unseen Worlds)
Forn “Cosmic Desolation” Rites of Despair (Gilead Media)

Rich Martin’s music bed:
Low “Dancing and Blood” Double Negative (Sub Pop)

Transitional song:
XTC “The Mayor Of Simpleton” Oranges & Lemons (Virgin/Geffen)

Closing song:
Violent Mae “Kid” Kid (The Telegraph Recording Company)

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