RSR PC 023 Rick Omonte / Discos Shaki

On this episode of the Redscroll Podcast we talk with Rick Omonte. We brought him on this time (third time!) to talk specifically about his passion project that’s occupied much of the last decade (more accurately about 7 years); it is a compilation entitled “Puro Tayta Shanti” that is now out on Discos Shaki with Little Axe Records.

Rick Omonte holding the new compilation (left) and a particular inspiring LP (right)

Instead of filling this space with the insight Rick Omonte brings to life with his stories and explanations we’ll let you listen. At the end of the talk we briefly cover the other subjects he’s been on the podcast for: the Mountain Movers (and other bands/musical projects) and the State House (still fairly new New Haven set music venue).

Music for the episode:

Opening Track:
Duo Las Perlas De Huancavelica “Vaca Ratay” (note: not the exact recording from the compilation)

TR/ST “Wake With” Destroyer – Part One (Grouch)
Earthen Sea “Existing Closer or Deeper in Space” Grass & Trees (Kranky)
Abyssal “III – Descent” A Beacon In The Husk (Profound Lore)
Suzanne Ciani “Flowers Of Evil – Based On The Poem Élévation by Charles Baudelaire” Flowers of Evil (Finders Keepers)

Ellen Arkbro “Chords for Guitar” Chords (Subtext)
Sarah Davachi “Perfumes I” Pale Bloom (W.25th)
Buzzcocks “Paradise” A Different Kind Of Tension (Domino)
Sea Moss “Feral Fowl” Bidet Dreaming (Feeding Tube)

Rick O:
Merry Airbrakes “Even Those Among Us” Merry Airbrakes (Reissue on Scissor Tail)

Background Album:
Various Puro Tayta Shanti (Discos Shaki / Little Axe)

Closing Track:
Las Salcabambinitas “Malva Rositay” (note: not the recording from the compilation)

A couple pictures below will be nice to look at as he brings that particular record to light.


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