RSR PC 027 Paul (Howling Frequency / Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean)

Paul from crushing doom metal band Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean and killer D.I.Y. style record label Howling Frequency talks to us about our interstate beef! It’s actually pretty much mutual admiration and shared vision so we talk about that and tease about possible collaboration! We talk music in general as usual – what we’re listening to etc.

Paul talks about his general philosophy with bands as monoliths versus individuals, crushing the D.I.Y. packaging game, touring, picking adventurous cover songs and we all go on in different directions, but somehow on this episode we don’t really talk about food (weird!).

Band and Label Links: (Kluizenaer is the German band referenced early on)

Opening Music:
Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean “I’ve Got A Gut Feeling” (DEVO) I Carry My Awareness of Defeat Like a Banner of Victory (Howling Frequency)

Josh’s Recent Listening:
Exhumed “Ravenous Cadavers” Horror (Relapse Records)
Boy Harsher “Send Me A Vision” Country Girl Uncut (Nude Club Records)
Lightning Bolt “Blow To The Head” Sonic Citadel (Thrill Jockey Records)
Fawning “Too Late” Too Late (NeverNotGoth / Graveface)
Angel Olsen “Lark” All Mirrors (Jagjaguwar)

Rick’s Recent Listening:
Jean Grae / Blue Sky Black Death “Away With Me” Evil Jeanius (Babygrande Records)
Various “Pipa di Tichioni” Speech After Removal of the Larynx (Smithsonian Folkways / Fantome Phonographique)
Misthyrming “Orgia” Algleymi (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
[Mentioned but not played: Deathspell Omega The Furnaces Of Palingenesia]
Essaie Pas “Earth” Earth (12″ Single)(DFA)
Slikback “Just I” Lasakaneku / Tomo (Hakuna Kulala)

Paul’s Music Bed:
Panopticon “Aptrgangr” Collapse (Flenser Records / Pagan Flames Productions / Lundr Records)

Closing Music:
Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean “Four Cubits And A Span” Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress (Howling Frequency)

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