RSR PC 028 Intercourse (Tarek and Caleb)

This month we talked to Tarek (aka Rick) and Caleb from Intercourse – self-described jocular noisy AmRep loving band. Beyond that, Tarek and his brother took a love for a similar described band from Florida called Load to possibly the highest level – beyond styling the band after them, Tarek and his brother made a documentary about Load. We talk briskly about that. (Link to documentary YouTube page in song details below.)

Tarek (aka Rick) [Left] & Caleb [Right]
We talk about 4 day tours. We talk about bodily fluids… yep, if that kind of thing makes you queasy let it be know that towards the end there is a robotic voice that will warn you it is coming up (yikes, PUNishing). Oh yeah, and general music talk as it goes.

Band Links:

Opening Track:
Intercourse “The Kids Are Alt-Right” Everything Is Pornography When You’ve Got An Imagination [Constant Disappointment / Eye Tape Records]

Rick Tracks (couple of these overlap with Josh’s listening too):
Hiro Kone “Feed My Ancestors” A Fossil Begins To Bray [Dais]
Kallista Kult “When I Splice Into You” Kallista Kult [A Colourful Storm]
Process Black “Lies > Truth” Countdown Failure [Deathwish]
DJ N**** Fox “Talanzele” Cartas Na Manga [Principe]
Dengue Dengue Dengue “El Cavilante (feat. Sara Van & Mikongo)” Zenit & Nadir [Enchufada]

Caleb Track:
Krallice “(Untitled)” Years Past Matter [Gilead Media]

Josh Tracks:
FKA Twigs “Home With You” Magdalene [Young Turks]
Mono “Halo (Live From Electrical Audio)” Before The Past [Temporary Residence Ltd.]

Tarek (Rick) Tracks:
Arctic Flowers “Weaver” Weaver [Deranged Records]

Caleb Track (another one):
Abyssal “Dialogue” A Beacon In The Husk [Profound Lore Records]

Tarek (Rick) Track (anotha one, we the best music):
Load “Edge Of Nick” Feel The Power [702 Records]
(Whiskey on Beer YouTube page)

Closing Track:
Intercourse “Bum Wine” Bum Wine [Self-Released]

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