RSR PC 029 CT Verses The Redscroll Favorites of 2019

This is our now annual round up of the year with our staff favorites. They are by no means definitive. They are things we highly enjoyed this year and believe we’ll enjoy them for a long time to come! If you ever wonder what else we might be listening to you can follow #redscrollpicks and of course you might as well follow @redscroll in general on Instagram/Social Media in general.

We also interviewed the dog from CT Verses in this two part epic podcast to start off the new year! Look at this pupper:

The first half of the podcast is unlike our podcasts the rest of the year – it’s chock full o’ music! Caren and Chip join Rick and Josh to talk about all the year favorites. We go two by two through our lists (well, mostly – towards the end it’s more jumbled). [Note: we didn’t make any rules for the lists, but we don’t feel right including our own releases so we didn’t include those – we love them all – and beyond that each of us individually came up with our own ideas of what our own lists should be… you’ll hear.]

Then in part 2 we do a deep dive into the lore of Crag Mask… ok, not really and that is a bit of a joke that only people who already follow CT Verses might get. Never fear, you’ll understand either way very quickly into this conversation. We talk about CT music in general and how CT Verses navigates it and plans to navigate it and the various lists they’ve done for the year in CT music up on their site now. Check that out here (the superlatives are quite fun):

Track list / show rundown beyond the break here: 

Intro Music:
Joe “Bean” Esposito “You’re The Best” Karate Kid – Soundtrack (Casablanca)

Emily Sprague “Water Memory 1” Water Memory / Mount Vision (Rvng Intl.)
Purple Mountains “All My Happiness Is Gone” Purple Mountains (Drag City)

Chronophage “Racing” Prolog For Tomorrow (Cleta Patra Records)
Drahla “Stimulus For Living” Useless Coordinates (Captured Tracks)

Automatic “Signal” Signal (Stones Throw)
HTRK “Make Me Happy” Venus In Leo (Ghostly International)

L.O.T.I.O.N. “I.C.B.M.” World Wide W.E.B. (Toxic State)
Necronomicon “Paradise Lost” Unus (Season Of Mist)

Fury “Angels Over Berlin” Failed Entertainment (Run For Cover)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Tombes Oubliées” The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Records)

Chris Forsyth “Mystic Mountain” All Time Present (No Quarter)
Carla Dal Forno “Took A Long Time” Look Up Sharp (Kallista Records)

Nivhek “Walking In A Spiral Towards The House: Side C” After Its Own Death / Walking In A Spiral Towards The House (W. 25th / Yellow Electric)
Klein “Claim It” Lifetime (ljn Inc.)

Bölzer “A Shepherd In Wolven Skin” Lese Majesty (Lightning & Sons)
Cattle Decapitation “Bring The Black Plague” Death Atlas (Metal Blade Records)

Stefan Christensen “In My Heart” The Upcoming Flame (bruit direct disques)
Boy Harsher “Face The Fire” Careful (Nude Club)

Dire Wolves “Spacetime Rider” Grow Towards The Light (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
75 Dollar Bill “Every Last Coffee Or Tea” I Was Real (Tak:til / Glitterbeat)

Zonal “In A Cage (Featuring Moor Mother)” Wrecked (Relapse Records)
Blood Incantation “Slave Species Of The Gods” Hidden History Of The Human Race (Dark Descent Records / Century Media EU)

TR/ST “Unbleached” Destroyer Part 1 & Part 2 (Grouch)
Jeromes Dream “Drone Before Parlor Violence” LP (Crowd Funded / Self Released)

Starbirthed “I” With The Mother (Flower Room)
Arthur Russell “You Did It Yourself” Iowa Dream (Audika Records)

Thigh Master “Mould Lines” Now For Example (Goner Records)
Lavender Flu “[Live at The Dundee Lodge Campout #2 8, 17, 2019 – not from album]” Admiration For A Dancer (Meds)

Kallista Kult “The Earth Did A Line” Kallista Kult (A Colourful Storm)
Cosey Fanni Tutti “Tutti” TUTTI (Conspiracy International)

Crypt Sermon “Key Of Solomon” The Ruins Of Fading Light (Dark Descent Records)
Heilung “Othan” Futha (Season Of Mist)

For Against “Nightmare Life” Aperture (Saint Marie – a reissue which turns out happened in November 2018)

:Of The Wand & The Moon: Bridges Burned And Hands Of Time (Heiðrunar Myrkrunar) [no track played]

Various Soft Rock For Hard Times: Vol. 5 (Universal Cave) [no track played]
Don Slepian “Cosmic Geometry” New Dawn (Morning Trip / New Music For Digital Orchestra)

Suzanne Ciani Flowers Of Evil (Finders Keepers) [no track played]

Ghosts Of Dance “Walking Through Gardens” Walking Through Gardens (Dark Entries)
Motorcycle Boy Scarlet (Forgotten Astronaut Records) [no track played]

Vatican Shadow (Hospital reissues) [no track played]

Joshua Abrams & The Natural Information Society “Finite” Mandatory Reality (eremite records)

Yazz Ahmed Polyhymnia (Ropeadope) [no track played]
Sarah Davachi “Evensong” Pale Bloom (W. 25th)
Kali Malone “Spectacle Of Ritual” The Sacrificial Code (iDEAL Recordings)
DJ N**** Fox “Sub Zero” Cartas Na Manga (Principe Discos)
Slikback “Ascension” Lasakaneku / Tomo (Hakuna Kulala)

Bobby Krlic “Chorus Of Sirens” Midsommar – Soundtrack (Milan)

Lustmord First Reformed (Vaultworks) [no track played]
Rose McDowall | Shawn Pinchbeck Far From The Apple Tree (Glass Modern) [no track played]

Minus “Compulsion” Compulsion (The Feral Planet)
Full Of Hell Weeping Choir (Relapse) [no track played]
Russian Circles Blood Year (Sargent House) [no track played]
Ceremony “Turn Away The Bad Thing” In The Spirit World Now (Relapse)

Ana Roxanne “Nocturne” ~~~ (Leaving Records)
Diiv “Blankenship” Deceiver (Captured Tracks)

Just Mustard “Frank” Frank//October (Pizza Pizza Records)

Collective Favorite Record (even if Chip only thinks it’s fine):
Body of Light “Time To Kill” Time To Kill (Dais Records)

Part II: Interview with CT Verses Dog

Exit Music:
Crag Mask “Sleep Eater” Loom (Self Released)