RSR PC 032 Anxious (Grady, Johnny & Dante)

We talked with Grady, Johnny and Dante of Anxious. Let it be known we talked to them early in the month of March so the ominous cloud of doom and actual anxiety and nervousness of a quarantined society wasn’t on our mind quite so presently as it is now. Escape with us back to a time when we could talk about European tour dates as if they were absolutely happening and not possibly cancelled or postponed (really, anything mentioned that you’re curious about you should check the status of because it’s not a definite).

Dante (Left), Grady (Center), Johnny (Right)

We talked about the formation of the band at a very young age from being heavily influenced early on by Fat Wreck bands and morphing into the band they are today – a band with a couple small (7″ and cassette) releases on Triple-B Records with a full length on the way.  A band that has opened reunion shows for Saves the Day and done sold out gigs with Knuckle Puck.  They have level heads and are really working hard at this with all the youthful energy they can possibly use (have I mentioned how young they are? Dante is finishing his senior year of High School right now!).

Anxious Links:

Track list / show rundown beyond the break here: 

Opening Music:
Anxious “Seeds” Promo 2019 (Triple-B Records)

Rick’s Picks:
Space Camp “Fifth Grade Orchiectomy” Overjoyed In This World (Redscroll Records)
Horse Lords “People’s Park” The Common Task (Northern Spy)
Tunes Of Negation “Rückschlag / Rising, then Resonant” Reach The Endless Sea (Cosmo Rhythmatic)
Angelic Process “The Promise Of Snakes” Weighing Souls With Sand (Reissue On Burning World Records)

Josh’s Jams:
Bib “The Fool” Delux (Pop Wig Records)
Tycho “Outer Sunset” Simulcast (Ninjatune Records)
Vatican Shadow “Hellfire Hidden Tribes” Opium Crop Airstrikes (Hospital Productions)

Grady’s Groove:
Snarls Burst (Take This To Heart Records)

Johnny’s Juke Joint:
Glean “Shine” Demo 2020 (New Morality Zine)

Dante’s Ditty:
The Japanese House “Maybe You’re The Reason” Good At Falling (Dirty Hit)

Closing Music:
Anxious – July 27, 2019 (Live set recorded by hate5six)

Video mentioned in podcast of Fastbreak at Wallingford Skatepark 1999:

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