RSR PC 036 Paul of Undercliff

On this episode of the podcast we talk to Paul of Undercliff, a doom band from right nearby in central CT. We talk about the new record released just about a month ago. We talk about the now torn down facility the band is named after. We talk about Tyvek suits and coping during the pandemic in general.

We once again did this one outside. Paul brought his own mic, stand and chair! Paul also runs PLX-FX – a pedal making venture. We talk about that too (or mostly he does as we know not much of that world). Lots of talking beyond that too.  A good time to be had / was had.



Undercliff “Comfort of Innsmouth” Comfort of Innsmouth (Self Released)

Memnon Sa “World Serpent” World Serpent (Crypt of the Wizard / Holy Mountain Studios)
Asher Gamedze “Eternality” Dialectic Soul (On The Corner Records)
Jay Glass Dubs / Guerilla Toss “TV Do Dub” Jay Glass Dubs Vs Guerilla Toss (DFA Records)
Anna Högberg Attack “Borderline” Anna Högberg Attack (Omlott)
DNGDNGDNG “Atlántida” Continentes Perdidos (On The Corner Records)

Zombi “Breakthrough & Conquer” 2020 (Relapse Records)
Primitive Blast “Self Deluding” Animalistic (Triple B)
Oathbreaker “Ease Me (Chelsea Wolfe Remix)” Ease Me & 4 Interpretations (Deathwish)
This Will Destroy You “Garden” Vespertine (Dark Operative)

Die My Will “Out From The Mouths Of Saviors” Die My Will (Blasphemour Records)

Undercliff “Blacksmith’s Robot” Comfort of Innsmouth (Self Released)

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