RSR PC 043 Steve Hartlett of Ovlov & Stove

Steve Hartlett joined us on the podcast this month. We talk about the forthcoming Ovlov record fairly in depth. We talk about the rotating members of the band and how Stove relates to that as well.

We also talk about Steve’s growing up in a strict Christian home and having a neighbor (who was the drummer in Self Defense) hand him a punk tape to open his world. We talk about how Steve’s dad dated Linda Blair (yep, that one from The Exorcist).  And we talk about a bunch of stuff really. Plus we talk about what we’re listening to. Check it out!

Band link:

Opening Song:
Ovlov “Where’s My Dini” Live at Little Elephant

Rick Tracks:
Praed Orchestra! “Mirage 72” Live in Sharjah (Morphine Records)
Thick Pigeon “Subway” Subway (Singles) (Les Disques Du Crépuscule)
The Mind “Surveillance” Open Up The Window And Leave Your Body (Lumpy Records)
Yoshinori Hayashi “Touch” Pulse of Defiance (Smalltown Supersound)
Dry Cleaning “Scratchcard Lanyard” New Long Leg (4AD)
Editrix “Chelsea” Tell Me I’m Bad (Exploding In Sound)

Josh Tracks:
Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Job’s Lament” G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! (Constellation Records)
Dinosaur Jr. “Take It Back” Sweep It Into Space (Jagjaguwar)
USA Nails “Revolution Worker” Character Stop (Hex Records)
Intercourse “Sorry I Missed Your Set” Rule 36 (Eye Tape Records)

Steve Tracks:
Maurice Ravel / Pierre Boulez “Bolero, M. 81” Bolero (Sony Classical)
Tricot “真っ黒” 真っ黒 (Pure Black)(Cutting Edge, 8902 Records)

Interview Sound:
FastFingers 1980s Promotional Video (

Closing Song:
Ovlov “Halfway Fine” Live At Little Elephant (Session #2)

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