RSR PC 048 Amanda Schutzman

Well we certainly talked some inside baseball with Amanda this month! I (Rick) took liberties with editing on this. It’ll make for a more amusing listen if you don’t have deep inside knowledge of music retail. If you are in music retail it’s not so disguised that you maybe can’t figure out the companies discussed. Y’know, MEGACORP!?  I also took the opportunity to add some spooky sounds since this is episode that is most current for Halloween. Heck, you may even figure out your own side story to go along with those sounds.

Amanda Schutzman in Redscroll Records
Amanda Schutzman


Oh yeah, so we talked about music retail business, record shows, the various stores Amanda has worked at from Slipped Disc to Needle & Groove, and Generation to her job as a representative at All Media Supply and her work putting on record shows with Vinyl Revolution. We also talk about what we’re listening to, what Amanda is listening to and what Amanda grew up listening to including her musical background.

Amanda’s LinkTree (with many links to pretty much everything discussed on the show)
Amanda’s Instagram @wearesmelly

Opening Music:
Iggy & The Stooges “Search & Destroy” Raw Power (Columbia/CBS…)

Rick’s Listening:
Loraine James “Simple Stuff” Reflection (Hyperdub)
Hoodoo Fushimi “Furarete Nambo” Kenka Oyaji (180g/Syntax)
Richie Hawtin / Concept 1 “96:12 23:00” Concept 1 96:12 (From Our Minds)
Sevdaliza “Clear Air” The Suspended Kid (Twisted Elegance/Music On Vinyl)
Pan Daijing “Dust” Jade (Pan)
John Glacier “Trelawny Waters” Shiloh: Lost For Words (PLZ Make It Ruins)

Josh’s Listening:
Sarah Davachi “Abeyant” Antiphonals (Late Music)
Amyl & the Sniffers “Security” Comfort (ATO Records/Rough Trade/B2B Records)
Trees Speak “Elements of Matter” Post Human (Soul Jazz Records)

Amanda’s Listening Track:
Possessed “The Exorcist” Seven Churches (Combat/Roadrunner/Century Media/High Roller Records…)

Sound FX from various spooky compilations.

Closing Music:
Liz Phair “Never Said” Exile In Guyville (Matador)

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