This month we’re joined by Ryan and James of DOOM BEACH! From a band they named when they themselves thought very little of the band and its place in their lives to a band they’ve made a big part of their lives and now take some pride in crafting the sound of we talk about that journey and the process of the band and how that evolved. We talk about music we’re all listening to. We have a good time. Tales of Lightning Bolt and tour stops. Just four folks jawin’ away about music really.

Oh, and let’s not forget all the talk of the B-52’s – the very real inspiration for this beach themed duo!


Opening Music:
Doom Beach “Cursed” Dark Arts (Ninth Square Music)

Josh’s Listening Tracks:
Tempers “Unfamiliar” New Meaning (Dais)
VR Sex “Victim Or Vixen” Rough Dimension (Dais)
Intercourse “No Country For Old Crow” Rule 36 (Reptilian / Constant Disappointment)
Spy “Clobbered” Spy / Maniac (Triple B)
Maniac “Rapture” Spy / Maniac (Triple B)

Rick’s Listening Tracks:
Nik Colk Void “Demna” Bucked Up Space (Editions Mego)
Cold Beat “Mandelbrot Fall” War Garden (Like Ltd.)
Control “Torment” Torment (Cloister)

DOOM BEACH Listening Tracks:
Keiji Haino + Sumac “What Have I Done? (I Was Reeling In Something White And I Became Able To Do Anything I Made A Hole Imprisoned Time Within It Created Friction Stopped Listening To Warnings Ceased Fixing My Errors Made The Impossible Possible? Turned Sadness Into Joy) Pt. I” American Dollar Bill – Keep Facing Sideways, You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On (Thrill Jockey)
Mike & Earl Sweatshirt “Allstar” Weight of the World (10K)

Closing Music:
Doom Beach “Rat King” Dark Arts (Ninth Square Music)

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