RSR PC 056 Fatal Sacrament & Inexorable Flesh (Chad, Jacob & Kurt)

Tried a new thing this month, we interviewed 2 bands at once! Fatal Sacrament and Inexorable Flesh are 2 bands that are friendly with each other though the music comes off as mean as it comes – straight ahead death metal done well! We talked to Chad of Fatal Sacrament and Jacob and Kurt of Inexorable Flesh.

Death Metal Bands, Fatal Sacrament and Inexorable Flesh
Chad of Fatal Sacrament (top); Jacob of Inexorable Flesh (Bottom Left); Kurt of Inexorable Flesh (Bottom Right)

We talk about working around work and where we live to make a project work. We talk about death metal and how all these folks came to it.

Band links:

Music Played on this episode 
Fatal Sacrament “Pig-Shit Politics” Fatal Sacrament (Self Released)

Pauline Oliveros “Horse Sings from Cloud (Part 1)” Accordian & Voice (Important)
Dopplereffekt “Neuroplasticity” Neurotelepathy (Leisure System)
Temple of Void “Deathtouch” Summoning the Slayer (Relapse)
Just Mustard “Still” Heart Under (Partisan)

Lucifer’s Hammer “Garden of Solitude” Hymns to the Moon (Nuclear War Now)
Rope Sect “Knives” Metanoia Sessions (Iron Bonehead)
Collapsed Skull “Bone Fragments” Eternity Maze (Closed Casket Activities)
Nduduzo Makhathini “Unonkanyamba” In the Spirit of Ntu (Blue Note)
Old Tower “Woods of Algor” Old King of Witches (Hospital Productions)
Youth Code x King Yosef “Burner” A Skeleton Key In The Doors Of Depression (Self-Released)

Gorguts “Disincarnated” Considered Dead (Roadrunner)

Scorpions “Sails Of Charon” Musikladen TV (16.01.1978)

Dehumanized “Condemned” Prophecies Foretold (Pathos Productions)

Inexorable Flesh “Sewing Skin”  single (Self Released)

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