RSR PC 059 Hardcore Sweet Bakery (Nicole & Jeremy Braddock)

Nicole and Jeremy Braddock own and run Hardcore Sweet Bakery out of Watertown and their satellite location in Southington. Beyond the bakery, which grew out of a cupcake food truck, they also do community outreach programs like a book club, baking classes and a variety of events including the upcoming Punk Rock Flea Market on October 23rd at the Southington Drive-In.

We talk about how they’ve grown their business. We talk about their various TV appearances on cooking competition shows. Lots of fun talk about best selling cupcakes based on different band names and songs and custom cakes based on some outlandish customer requests. Lots of fun was had and topics branch out from there.

CT Post Photo of Jeremy and Nicole Braddock in their bakery
CT Post Photo


Music for this episode:
Opening Track:

100 Demons “Repeat Process” 100 Demons (Dead Serious Records / Deathwish)

Built to Spill “Gonna Lose” When the Wind Forgets Your Name (Sub Pop)
Cold Brats “Mac N Cheese” [Cold Brats / Gel] Shock Therapy (Convulse Records)
Secret Stairways “A Hidden Place” Turning Point (Dungeons Deep Records)
High Vis “Trauma Bonds” Blending (Dais)
Makaya McCraven “So Ubuji” In These Times (IARC / Nonesuch / XL)

Lolina “Mark Ronson’s TED Talk Intro (Using Computer Remix)” Fast Fashion (Deathbomb Arc)
Muslimgauze “Bedouin In Mercedes A2” Bedouin In Mercedes (Staalplaat)

Kind Of Like Spitting “Birds Of A Feather” Nothing Makes Sense Without It (Slowdance Records / New American Dream / Run For Cover / Count Your Lucky Stars)

Cave In “Crossbearer” Beyond Hypothermia (Hydra Head Records)

Closing Track:
100 Demons “Suffer” In The Eyes of the Lord (Good Life Recordings)

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