RSR PC 061 The Problem With Kids Today

Silas, Tate and Reena are The Problem With Kids Today. They’re also a band of the same name (wocka wocka).  We talk to them about all the usual musical topics specific to them and their band. We talk about Sesame Street, Dora and various early musical memories as well as Reena’s vlogging dad and Tate’s Miracle Legion connection and building a shed instead of getting a job with Silas and various other divergent topics as it goes. And we start with the music we’re listening to of course.

Reena, Silas & Tate posing with an arcade machine and Mac DeMarco standee.
Reena, Silas & (Mac DeMarco &) Tate


Opening Music:
The Problem With Kids Today “You’re In Love With Junk” Junk (Self-Released)

Rick’s Tracks:
Laila Sakini “The Light That Flickers In The Mirror” Paloma (Modern Love)
Horse Lords “Mess Mend” Comradely Objects (Rvng Intl.)
rRoxymore “Water Stains” Perpetual Now EP (Smalltown Supersound)
Moin “Melon” Paste (AD 93)

Josh’s Tracks:
Hoaxed “The Call” Two Shadows (Relapse)
Faetooth “Echolalia” Remnants of the Vessel (Dune Altar)
Worm “Shadowside Kingdom” Bluenothing (20 Buck Spin)
Celer “So Very Sari, I Swear” The Everything And The Nothing (Infaction, Two Acorns)

Miracle Legion “Snacks and Candy” Drenched (Morgan Creek, Polydor)

Vertico “Ratfucker” Warmonger (Self-Released)

Ween “What Deaner Was Talkin’ About” Chocolate And Cheese (Elektra)

Closing Music:
The Problem With Kids Today “Validation” Yet to be titled forthcoming album (Self-Released)

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