RSR PC 064 Lumpy / Daze (music label)

Lumpy (Andrew Wojcik) from the Daze label, King Nine, Sanction, Out for Justice and a bunch of bands joins us this month. We talk about the bands briefly. We talk about starting and running a label since 2019. And we talk about coffee and pizza. If you had ever wondered what it would be like if we hosted a food podcast this is as close as we get!

We talk about how great CDs actually are and what makes a great CD package. We talk about merch that references specific CT institutions and how they are sold almost exclusively at fests out of state! We talk about the music we’re listening to as well of course and veer off (in mostly food directions).

Music on this episode:

Opening Song:
Sanction “To Embody An Empty Thought (Live On Long Island 2017)” With Blood… (Daze)

Paramore “The News” This Is Why (Atlantic)
Jako Maron “Batbaté Maloya” The Electro Maloya Experiments Of Jako Maron (Nyege Nyege Tapes)
Nile “Black Seeds of Vengeance” Black Seeds of Vengeance (Relapse)
Sleep “Hot Lava Man” Dopesmoker (Third Man Records)

Peace Test “Pry,” “Combat Boot,” “Boxcutter” Pry (To Live A Lie)
Tongue Depressor “The Reason You Don’t Sleep Is The Words” Bones For Time (Worried Songs)
Ulthar “Saccades” Anthronomicon (20 Buck Spin)
Lebanon Hanover “Gallowdance” Tomb for Two (Fabrika)
Heavy Blanket “Crushed” Moon Is (Outer Battery Records)

Inside “My Funeral” My Funeral (Redwood Records)
Far “Mother Mary” Water & Solutions (Immortal Records / Epic)
Far “Listening Game” Listening Game (Rusty Nail Records)

Closing Song:
Riot Stares “Burst” Sounds of Acceleration (Daze)

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