RSR PC 065 Shirese (Matty, Nicholas & George)

We talked with Matty, Nicholas & George of Shirese this month! Lots of real CT insider talk in this one. I tried to insert context when needed. The New Hawaii, Popeye’s Garage, the Osbourne House and more DIY spots of yore! Rock and Roll gets heralded as well as some jazz fusion. Good times.

Members of Shirese - Matty, George & Nicholas - Holding their new record in Redscroll Records.

Shirese has a new record and played a great show at Cafe 9 in celebration of its release so we talk about that at length. And we just jaw on about any given subject – like music for instance.

Seany’s Shirese Post on Instagram (mentioned in the podcast)

Music on this episode:

Opening Song:
Shirese “Bed the Cactus” Rose of Smiling Faces (C/Site, Grapefruit)

3Phaz “Sharayet” Ends Meet (Discrepant)
Nuovo Testamento “Heartbeat” Love Lines (Discoteca Italia)
DJ Python “I’m Tired” Nick León & DJ Python – Esplit EP (Worldwide Unlimited)
CTI (Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti) “Dancing Ghosts (Midnight At Robinwood Mill)” Elemental 7 (The Original Soundtrack) (Conspiracy International)
Kode9 “The Break Up” Escapology (Hyperdub)

Deathgrave “Bile-ation” So Real, It’s Now (Tankcrimes)
Home Front “Nation” Games of Power (La Vida Es En Mus)
MSPaint “Titan of Hope” Post-American (Convulse)
Hoenig / Göttsching “Early Water Part 1” Early Water (MG.ART)
Constant Smiles “In My Heart” Kenneth Anger (Sacred Bones)

Keith Jarrett “Spirits 23” Spirits (ECM)

Floorplan “Shop” Shop/Learn (Duet)

Prince “Just As Long As We’re Together” For You (Warner Bros.)

Closing Song:
Shirese “I Feel It” Rose of Smiling Faces (C/Site, Grapefruit)

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