RSR PC 066 Ross Wightman

Ross Wightman performs and teaches and builds and makes/creates/composes. A classical double bassist who came to Connecticut through a program at Yale, Ross now finds himself traveling in the tri-state area weekly for work between NY, NJ and CT and seems to enjoy it! The Water Feature and Fiddle Henge are two instruments Ross has put together from scratch! We talk about all that and what led to it and we talk about what we’re listening to as well!

Ross Wightman standing in front of books, LPs and 45s at Redscroll Records
Ross Wightman

From New Brunswick basement shows to playing in a tuxedo, Ross has had an academic and DIY varied background in music and life in general (skateboarding/punk intro etc.). Good talk here! Check it out!


Just Intonation (mentioned around the 30 minute mark)
Nam June Paik (mentioned around the 45 minute mark)
Plectrum Banjo  (~50 minute mark)

Music on this episode:Opening:
Ross Wightman / Waterfeature
OMEI “Turned away at the Gates” Paradise, Purgatory, Inferno (Ninth Circle Music / Redscroll Records)

MC Yallah “Sikwebela” Yallah Biebe (Hakuna Kulala)
Juan Cristobal Tapia De Veer “Drugs” The White Lotus (Soundtrack From The HBO® Original Limited Series) (We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want)
Swans “A Screw” Public Castration is a Good Idea (Young God Records)
Tolerance “Sacrifice” Divin (Mesh-Key)
Darkspace “Dark 3.13” III (Season of Mist)

Chat Pile “Cut” Brothers in Christ (Split with Nerver)(Reptilian)
Scowl “Opening Night” Psychic Dance Routine (Flatspot Records)
Dorthia (Cottrell) “Family Annihilator” Death Folk Country (Relapse)
Tim Hecker “Lotus Light” No Highs (Kranky)

Tinariwen “Kek Alghalm” Amatssou (Wedge)

Gravepact Live in Salem MA

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