RSR PC 068 Matt Westfall of Counter Weight Brewing

This month we had a chat with Matt Westfall, owner of Counter Weight Brewing Co. We’ve known Matt for years through music (going to punk shows in our youth) and Counter Weight has been a venue for music here and there since it opened (originally in Hamden and now in Cheshire). It’s also where we hold an annual record fair (coming up in October again).  We talk about how Counter Weight is ramping up their events schedule with music and comedy and various other events. We also do talk about beer. It’s true. We talk about the Counter Weight accolades and how they like to take input from anyone under their roof and getting involved is highly encouraged – generally trying to teach from within and grow.

We don’t talk about sprint car racing or animating Bob’s Burgers (things done by other people with the name Matt Westfall).  We do talk about the role bocce has played in his life and the art and naming of beers. Conversation stretches out from there.

There is a show we’ll be selling records at coming up on July 6th, 2023:
Doors at 7:30PM / Music at 8:00PM
$10 (Shaki Presents)
Ratas En Zelo

For more info on the brewery:
Counter Weight Brewing Co. 

Show note: N.A. Beer = Non-Alcoholic Beer

Music in this episode:

Ratas En Zelo “Vete Vete” Despertar (Self-Released)

Thantifaxath “Solar Witch” Hive Mind Narcosis (Dark Descent)
Nocturnus “Lake of Fire” The Key (Earache)
Troller “Out Back” Drain (Relapse)
Swans “Paradise Is Mine” The Beggar (Young God)
Jayda G “Heads or Tails” Guy (Ninja Tune)
Vosh “Bleed as One” Vessel (Damaged City Vault / Trash Casual)

Boris & Uniform “Not Surprised” Bright New Disease (Sacred Bones)

Gel “Attainable” Only Constant (Convulse)

Closing (& cut in during conversation):
Connecticut Twins Orchestra “Jaka To Kara” Jaka-To-Kara (Stella Records)

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