DJs for October 8th Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing & FOOD TRUCKS

The Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing is this Sunday! We previously posted about the list of vendors here.

Flyer for Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing
Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing

We’ve got a list of DJs as well! A crew downstairs and a crew upstairs for maximum listening enjoyment!

Downstairs returning crew!

DJ Lord Lewis, The Velvet Knight will be playing contemporary underground funk, soul, reggae/dub, and balearic grooves. DJ Lord Lewis the Velvet Knight is a self-made mythology and a secret wizard of the underground. You could say for the sake of explanation he might be an avid record collector, psychedelic librarian, vinyl Disc Jockey, and host of the legendary Rumpus Room Radio Show on WESU 88.1 FM, which has been on the air since 2002.  Check out some of his mixes / radio shows here:

Sir RoundSound is our ambassador from New London – a dancefloor DJ specializing in soul, funk, ska/rocksteady/reggae, post-punk.

DJ Ratkiller will be spinning eclectic subculture rocker jams: new wave, punk /post punk, power pop, junk-shop glam, 60s reggae/rocksteady ska, northern soul & maybe some gangster funk.

Upstairs new crew!

Chef Mark – Whether in the kitchen, or behind the decks, Chef Mark serves up delicious platters that get you hooked. Some of his favorite ingredients are soul, blues, and reggae, as well as other flavors sourced from Africa and Latin America. You can also expect a dash of 70s punk sprinkled throughout.

Dayansiiita has been reigning over hi-fi’s across Brooklyn and NY for years now, but the high priestess has agreed to cast her spells for us here at Counter Weight. Expect to be enchanted by the sounds of the Caribbean. A potent brew of kompa, reggae, guaguanco, son, and cumbia.

Jahoctopus AKA Christian Dimenna always shines and the autumn months are when he truly radiates. The legendary Lovecraft artist will treat us to a mix of psych, soul, soundtracks, and more. Heavy on the 70s vibes.

Shaki has your itinerary planned. Expect a trip around the world, but you can leave your passport at home. No baggage fees, no fees for more leg room… You’ll be traveling first class.


Chef O’Streatery
Bori-Mex – a Puerto Rican styled Mexican Cuisine.

The Blind Rhino
Sports bar / pub food.