RSR PC 077 Dirt Devil (Allie, Dan, Lemmy, Nikki)

This month we talk to 4 out of 5 members of Dirt Devil – Allie, Dan, Lemmy and Nikki! (Laura lives in Providence and coordinating all 5 would’ve been tricky!)  We talk about what we’re all listening to. We talk about the new album Desert Moon coming out on April 8th (the day of the 100% total eclipse!) and what went into that – including all the visual aspects (costumes, props, videos… links below).

Dirt Devil Band Picture
Top left: Allie, Top Right: Lemmy, Bottom Left: Nikki, Bottom Right: Dan

We talk about the Dave Matthews Band Meadows Riot. The town of Bristol gets name dropped. CD club services get a shout. Tarot talk leads to Halloween costumes talk. The Don GiovanniCalifornia X (Dan and Lemmy’s previous band) pipeline… we go on. Their couple release shows are coming up April 12th (here at the store) and May 4th (western Mass.). Check it out!

Dirt Devil Links:

Music on this episode:

Opening Music:
Dirt Devil “The Graveyard” Desert Moon (Don Giovanni / Redscroll)

Civerous “Shrouded In Crystals” Maze Envy (20 Buck Spin)
Big Noyd “Recognize & Realize Part 1” Episodes of a Hustla (Coalmine)
Operating Theatre “Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth” Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth / Rapid Eye Movements (Allchival)
Ill Considered “Kintsugi” Precipice (New Soil)

Slimelord “Tidal Slaughtermarsh” Chytridiomycosis Relinquished (20 Buck Spin)
Jlin “The Precision Of Infinity (ft. Philip Glass)” Akoma (Planet Mu)
Kidnapped “Bite Down” Disgust (Daze)
Pissed Jeans “Cling to a Poisoned Dream” Half-Divorced (Sub Pop)
Kacey Musgraves “The Architect” Deeper Well (MCA/UMG)

Dirt Devil:
The Alan Parsons Project “Eye In The Sky” Eye in the Sky (Arista)
Hällas “Elusion’s Gate” Isle Of Wisdom (Napalm)
Strawberry Switchblade “Michael Who Walks By Night” Strawberry Switchblade (Korova)
Axxis “Little Look Back” II (EMI/Harvest/Electrola)

Closing Music:
Dirt Devil “Nightshade” Desert Moon (Don Giovanni / Redscroll)

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