RSR PC 079 Kane / Northern Void Records

This month we talked on the podcast to Kane from Northern Void Records. We talk about what we’re listening to and quickly dive into how Kane developed his own music and metal fandom into a distribution operation and record label.

Kane of Northern Void Records holding a Nihil Invocation record
Kane of Northern Void Records holding a Nihil Invocation record

Kane dives into how he solicited releases and what he’d like to put out in the future – archival and new acts alike.  We talk about his daily EMT life and veer off in a couple different pathways as well. Check it out!

Music on this episode:

Nihil Invocation “In Pale Ascent and Passing” Crestfallen Stronghold (Northern Void)

Beak> “The Seal” >>>> (Invada / Temporary Residence)
Cruzloma “Plegaria” Mitos y Ritos (ZZK)
Shudder To Think “It Was Arson” 1987 (100,019 Men Go Wow Wow Wow)(L.G. Records)
Shackleton & Six Organs Of Admittance “Stages Of Capitulation” Jinxed By Being (Drag City)

Haunted Plasma “Machines Like Us” I (Svart)
Missiles “Living in a Nuclear Town” Weaponize Tomorrow (Svart)
Peggy Gou “Lobster Telephone” I Hear You (XL)
Fu Manchu “Hands Of The Zodiac” Return of Tomorrow (At The Dojo)
Sun Kil Moon “True Friends” Quiet Beach House Nights (Obsolete Records / Caldo Verde)

Alcest “L’Envol” Les Chants De L’Aurore (Nuclear Blast)

Theoden’s Reign “Memories of Solemn Land” Mitheithel (Northern Void)

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