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Buy Early Get Now: F#cked Up "David Comes To Life"

Buy Early Get Now: F#cked Up David Comes To Life
(Matador CD/2xLP)
Begins April 26th (Tuesday)

What you get:

  1. CD or 2xLP of David Comes To Life available on or after June 7.
  2. 4 Bonus 7″s of 8 extra non-album songs available for collection on or after June 28.
  3. Instant download of 5 non-album songs available on April 26.
  4. A full 192k album stream and hi-quality album download in 4 parts over 4 days from May 10-13
  5. Download of Record Store Day Exclusive “David’s Town” comp on June 7
  6. An exclusive poster

 How does this work?

  1. You come to the store and purchase the coupons which then entitle you to all of the above (well, CD or 2xLP, not both).
  2. Go home and use your coupon code to get the download (or don’t wait until you get home and use your portable computing device) at LOGGING IN IS MANDATORY TO ENSURE RECEIPT OF ALL BONUS PHYSICAL PRODUCTS.
  3. Return to the store on the June 7th (street date) with your half of the BEGN coupon to your store to pick up your CD or 2xLP and poster.
  4. And again on June 28, return to pick up your 4 bonus 7″s.  


CD + 4×7″s = $31.98

2xLP + 4×7″s = $39.98

    Pretty easy, really, and you get a whole slew of goods.  GOODS!  This is only available in our physical location, not online.