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DJs On Black Friday

DJs On Black Friday
Throughout the day on day one of our 6th Annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale we’re having some local musically inclined friends play some records. Here’s a quick rundown:

Mr. Anthony Fantano will join us. You might know him from the Needle Drop. He’ll play records that he has probably reviewed favorably (with a chance that he’ll play favorable things he hasn’t reviewed at all).

You might remember the free Shaki Presents: Sunday night concert series that occurred at BAR (New Haven) that came to a bit of an abrupt end a couple years back. Or maybe you’re familiar with Rick Omonte as a musician playing with Crooked Hook or the Mountain Movers (among others). However you’re familiar with him (even if it’s just because of this short write up) you can check out his selections for you this Friday. 
Our friend Tony used to do sound for a lot of shows around CT. He went on to become a rocket scientist of sound (that’s not a real thing, but you get the idea). He’s going to be DJing on Friday during the Blackout at Sunrise Sale from 4:30PM-5:30 PM. DJ BIG $$ starts with “some silly gangster rap. go to gangster soul, go to some soul indie, go to some indie. so go some post rock go to some soul shit, some electronic sh*#, some jazz, some post rock jazz and end with some of the best new sh*#.”
 [gize, this is really DJ Big $$. This is real. There is absolutely no trickery.]
 Chuck Fresh steps up to the decks. This gentleman is currently in a band called Hunger Strike though that has little to do with what he’ll be playing. I’m guessing golden age of hip-hop and party jams.
  Hartford Party Starters Union’s finest, PK Ripper and Dirty D. (Pat and Dustin) will be finishing off the night with fine selections (drum solos and Amon Duul II the whole time for Pat? Come find out) from their respective collections.  Also, check out their link for information on the party they have going on at Mad Dawgs this Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve). 

6th Annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale

Redscroll Records 6thAnnual Blackout at Sunrise Sale

November 23rd (6AM-10PM), 24th (10AM-9PM), 25th (10AM-9PM)
25% Off Everything Used
$1 Used CDs (all of them)
15% Off All New Stock
Spend $100 And Get A Free Redscroll Shirt
Record Tent In The Back!
Secrets, Surprises, Hot Cider & Snacks
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There are also plenty of Record Store Day Black Friday releases coming. Yes, we will be carrying those (no holds, first come, first served while supplies last). 


We’re also doing a contest to get the word spread. What is that contest?  Read on. (If you’re reading this on our blog or in an RSS feed click “Read More.” If you came directly to this post then you just have to keep scrolling.)


We’re on a variety of social media sites and many (wouldn’t be a stretch to say most) of the people who walk through our doors are as well. What we’re doing for a contest is a very simple thing. What you can get in return is a Redscroll T-Shirt and a $20 Gift Certificate. You can enter for each site you’re on (listed below) and it is possible to win more than once.  We’ll announce the winners by posting a video of us picking the winners out of a hat (may not actually be a hat) on our YouTube Channel. The ways in which you can enter are the following:
  1. Share our event on Facebook
  2. Retweet the sale announcement on Twitter
  3. Reblog the sale flyer post on Tumblr

So, three ways to enter and possibly win. 3 T-Shirts & $60 in Gift Certificates in total. Get the word out and possibly get something for yourself in return! We’ll be picking the winners a week from today (Tuesday, the 23rd of October 2012).

This contest does apply to our online patrons as well. If you, an online customer, enters using one of the listed methods and you end up winning we’ll assign you $20 worth of credit (to use towards merchandise and/or shipping) and we’ll send a T-Shirt of your designated size (we’ll ask before sending) with your order.