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Spotlight: Safety Meeting Records (Sampler Download!)

Safety Meeting Records, run by Carlos Wells, is Connecticut’s best resident label. Using the Dischord method of focusing on bands primarily from his area, Carlos has given New Haven’s local music scene, especially, a huge hand up. This label is not genre specific. Their roster includes everything from psychedelic folk to lo-fi garage rock to d-beat hardcore. The actual releases themselves are beautifully packaged vinyl records that also include a CD copy. Safety Meeting has a consistent stream of releases.  What more could you ask for?

If you were lucky enough to get one of our goodie bags on Record Store Day, then you got the new 2011 Safety Meeting Sampler CD. We still have a handful left at the shop, so swing by and grab one.  Here it is also available for stream/download:

<p>&amp;lt;a href=”″&amp;gt;Safety Meeting Sampler 2011 by Safety Meeting Records&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;</p>
  1. M.T. Bearington “Dark Night” 
  2. Estrogen Highs “Kings Run Errands (For Me)”
  3. Iron Hand “Liquid Assets”
  4. Mick Barr “Cveather”
  5. Fake Babies “LA”
  6. Blood Warrior “Blood Letting”
  7. Quiet Life “No Surprise”