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From New Haven By Train

Ride the train to Redscroll.
The train station is quite literally 50 yards away from us.
(Wallingford Train Station 1949)
Do you live in New Haven? Without a car? Love music but, hate the idea
of riding your bike 16 miles to comb the racks at Redscroll? We’ve got
the solution: AMTRAK.
(Union Station in New Haven)
The train to Wallingford from New Haven costs $4. The return trip is
an additional $4. Bringing your total travel expenses to $8. Amtrak
stops frequently in town through out the day. Travel time is about
twelve minutes each way. Feel free to read a book, snooze, take a
quick poop, eat a sandwich or talk up those cute eastern European
girls sitting across from you on their way to Vermont,… whatever! Get
crazy cause you’re inside a giant metal worm. You’re not driving so it
doesn’t matter.

(Amtrak in New Haven)
The train platform is roughly 50 yards from our building, so you don’t
have to worry about getting lost.
Twice this past week, they forgot to collect my ticket on the way
back, so I was able to ride for free and exchange my unused ticket for
a new one to be used for a future trip.