9 May 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items

9 May 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Able Baker Fox “Voices”
Abysmal Dawn “Programmed”
Animal Collective “Water Curses”
Architects “Ruin”
Ayreon “Human Equation (2xCD)”
Black SS “Terror of 04-07”
Brain Drill “Apocalyptic Feasting”
Coalesce “012:2 (Remastered)”
Coldworker “Rotting Paradise”
Crebain “Night of the Stormcrow”
Ornette Coleman “Twins”
Control Denied “Fragile Art of Existance”
Elvis Costello “Momofuku”
Cult of Luna “Somewhere Along…”
Dethklok “Dethalbum (Deluxe Version)”
Grouch “Show You the World”
Horna “Aania Yossa”
Kayo Dot “Blue Lambency Downward”
Kluster “Admira 1971”
KLV “Niin Musta On Maa”
Krypteria “In Media Res”
Mad Sin “20 Years in Sin Sin (2xCD)”
Matmos “Supreme Balloon”
Nadja “Desire in Uneasiness”
Portishead “Third”
Razzle Dazzle “Strictly”
Replacements “Hootenany (Deluxe Edition)”
Replacements “Let It Be (Deluxe Edition)”
Replacements “Sorry Ma Forgot to … (Deluxe Edition)”
Replacements “Stink (Deluxe Edition)”
Kevin Seconds & His… “Rise”
Skream “Rinse 02”
Swarm of the Lotus “Sirens of…”
Tetine “Let Your X’s…”
Transistor Transistor “Ruined…”
Wisdom in Chains “Class War”

LPs & 12″s:
Ellen Allien & Apparat “Orchestra of Bubbles (2xLP)”
Brian Jonestown Massacre “Bravery, Repetition & Noise”
Clarke/Lil Louis “Our Dark…”
Coalesce “012:2 (Remastered)”
Elektrochemie “Get Your…”
Hot Water Music “‘Til The Wheels Fall Off (2xLP)”
Love “Love”
Love “DeCapo”
Lyrics Born “Everywhere at Once”
Man Man “Rabbit Habbits”
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
Mountain Goats “Sunset Tree”
No Age “Nouns”
N.W.A. “Straigh Outta… 20th Anniversary Edition”
Mary-Anne Patterson “Me”
Portishead “Live at the Roseland (180 gram)”
Portishead “Third (DELUXE BOX)”
Razzle Dazzle “Strictly”
Sparta “Threes (2xLP)”
Spoon “Girls Can Tell (180 gram)”
Spoon “A Series of Sneaks (180 gram)”
various artists “Love, Peace… Chilean Psychadelic Music”
Various Artists “Death is Nothing to Fear 3 (Spectral)”
Various Artists “Death is Nothing to Fear 4 (Spectral)”
Yellowtail “Warrior Youth”

Cloak Dagger “Kamikazes”
Counting the Days/Hollywood
Daniel Striped Tiger/Sinaoloa
Deep Sleep “Manic Euphoria”
Empty Grave “The Dark EP”
New Found Glory “Tip of…” PICDisc
Nightstick Justice “CLaust.”
Slimewave #6: Mumakil/Inhume
Trapped Under Ice “Stay Cold”

Animal House (Double Secret Probation Edition)
Battlefield Baseball
The Boys Next Door
Brazil (WS)
British Horror Collection
Comedians of Comedy
Dancer in the Dark
Ghost Dog
The Graduate (40th Anniversary Ed.)
Groundhog Day
Human Beast
Life of Brian (Coll. Ed.)
Little Otik (Sp. Ed.)
Man Vs. Wild (Collection 1)
Mark of Cain (Russian Criminal Tattoos)
Monty Python… Holy Grail (Sp. Ed.)
The New York Ripper
Night of Lust
Pot Zombies
Princess Bride
Rage of Honor
Resistances vol. 2
Samurai Action
Sick Nurses
Survival Research Labratories: 10 Yrs…
Teen Wolf/Teen Wolf Too (2Pack)
The Thing
To Die For (images of Peter Kennard & Cat Piction Phillipps)
Triplets of Belleville
What About Bob?
World of Sid & Marty Krofft