New Haven Advocate Readers Poll Results: #2

Honestly, this is what we were hoping for. It’s not the most ideal thing, sure (#1 NEXT YEAR!!!), but it’s really really great. For some reason there are two categories (one for NEW and one for USED), but the results in both categories are the same – we are New Haven County’s #2 spot for music. Butt that up against our #2 ranking in Hartford County (which nobody else did, mind you), I think we are actually #1 in the heart of CT. Hell yea!!! Thanks everyone.

Here are links to the results:
New Haven Best Place for New CDs, Tapes & Records
New Haven Best Place for Used CDs, Tapes & Records
Hartford Best Place To Buy Vinyl

Tonight there is a Readers Appreciation Night at BAR (it is a bar named BAR) in New Haven with free pizza, cheap drinks and Estrogen Highs is playing at 11PM. Rumor has it there will be vegan options – so come eat and party with me.