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7th Anniversary & Record Store Day Sale

So, April is right around the bend and we’re just cresting that hill where all we can see and think about is our 7th Anniversary & Record Store Day Sale! We opened shop on April 12th, 2007 and it’s all been upward mobility since thanks to all of you who have come through our doors (and/or ordered online). We thank all of you for that and we’re not going to stop working hard at giving you all reasons for coming back!

die-die-dieThis announcement right here is for those who will be able to get here and celebrate in person.

We’ve also decided to do a special promotion this year for those who do order online – keep an eye on our social medias for that special closer to our official anniversary (April 12).

Our in-store sale will run from Sunday April 13th, 2014 through Record Store Day April 19th, 2014.

We have added one particular big promotion to this year’s sale: 50% Off Clearance LPs! Woah, that’s half! We are again running with the $1 CD and used LPs (all LPs marked $3 or under will be just $1 for that week). 15% off everything else.

Record-Store-DayFor Record Store Day (Saturday, April 19th) we’ll have the added incentives of the RSD exclusive titles (more information on those will follow in coming weeks of course).  We open at 9AM that day and close at 10PM. The tent will be set up out back full of 7″s and will serve as the entrance for that day. We will have goodie bags for the first liner-uppers (how many is dependent on how much swag we acquire / are sent). We expect a lot of people once again so if you are determined to get something in particular from the exclusives please plan on being here super early. Those of us who work here get here at the crack of daylight and there has generally been a full line by the time we get here which only grows until we open the doors and can last for much of the day. We expect a nice friendly group again and to show our appreciation for that we’ve once again invited the Hardcore Sweets Cupcake Truck & G-Monkey Mobile out to keep y’all fed.

We’ll do our best to keep you up to date with any details that may arise leading up to the events. For now, you should probably just get excited and continuously refresh this page and all our social network sites in anticipation.

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We’ll have the full list of what exclusive titles in stock for Record Store Day posted when we have them here. If you’re looking for anything in particular please look forward to reading that on April 18th (day before RSD).

Food Trucks Are Coming For Record Store Day

Food Trucks Are Coming For Record Store Day

To celebrate our 6th Anniversary along with Record Store Day we are bringing in two delicious food trucks for your pleasure. Whether you are looking for a full meal or just something sweet, we got you covered!

G-Monkey shatters the stereotypes of typical street vending food, and redefines them in a totally sustainable, green, provocative, and innovative way. Not only is all of the food that they prepare and serve completely natural and organic, but their truck itself also runs of bio-fuel. Their menu consists of such favorites as Feisty Monkey Peanut Soba Noodles, Downward Dog Blackbean Burrito, and the Farm 2 Street Black Bean And Chipotle Burger.
For the rest of the items on their menu click here:
And to hear their story click here:

Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes is based out of Waterbury and sells sweet, savory, and unique flavors of cupcakes, all of which are homemade. Some of their flavors include the Big Bopper Whopper, which is composed of a malt chocolate cake, with a malt chocolate buttercream, with pieces of Whopper candies throughout the top for garnish, and The Ozzy, which includes a dark chocolate bourbon cake, that is filled with a caramel, pecan, and chocolate ganache- with another shot of bourbon. Topped with a chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate shavings and a salted caramel topping. As they say, “Sweet , savory, dietary restrictions or watching your weight, everyone deserves to relax and eat a good cupcake!”
Their extensive menu can be found here:

It’s gonna be sweet.

New Haven Advocate Readers Poll Results: #2

Honestly, this is what we were hoping for. It’s not the most ideal thing, sure (#1 NEXT YEAR!!!), but it’s really really great. For some reason there are two categories (one for NEW and one for USED), but the results in both categories are the same – we are New Haven County’s #2 spot for music. Butt that up against our #2 ranking in Hartford County (which nobody else did, mind you), I think we are actually #1 in the heart of CT. Hell yea!!! Thanks everyone.

Here are links to the results:
New Haven Best Place for New CDs, Tapes & Records
New Haven Best Place for Used CDs, Tapes & Records
Hartford Best Place To Buy Vinyl

Tonight there is a Readers Appreciation Night at BAR (it is a bar named BAR) in New Haven with free pizza, cheap drinks and Estrogen Highs is playing at 11PM. Rumor has it there will be vegan options – so come eat and party with me.