31st Of March 2009 Update Of New And Key Restocks

31st of March 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Aguayo, Matias “The 99 Seconds EP”
Andrew Jackson Jihad “Only God Can Judge Me (10″)”
Baker, Aidan “Thoughtspan”
Banner Pilot “Resignation Day”
Beach House “Devotion”
Black Lips “We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow”
Blondie “Parallel Lines”
Bloodbath “Fathomless Mastery”
Bones Brigade “Focused”
Boston Spaceships “The Planets Are Blasted”
Bowie, David “Aladdin Sane”
Bowie, David “Hunky Dory”
Burnette, Johnny “Crazy Date: Rock And Roll Demos Volume 1”
Burnette, Johnny “Wampus Cat: Rock And Roll Demos Volume 2”
Career Suicide “Career Suicide”
Cool Kids “The Bake Sale”
Cross Stitched Eyes “Coranach”
Crystal Stilts “Alight Of Night”
Dark Throne “Dark Thrones And Black Flags”
Das Bierbeben “Remixes”
Drake, Nick “Bryter Layter”
Freestyle Fellowship “Sex In The City”
Ghostlimb / Zann / Perth Express / Trainwreck (4 Way Split)
Harvey Milk “The Pleaser”
Immortal Technique “Revolutionary Vol. 2”
King Uszniewicz And His Uszniewicztones “Teenage Dance Party”
Lemuria “Get Better”
Malakai “Ugly Side Of Love”
Martyn / 2562 “Yet / Kontrol”
Menstruation Sisters “Samantha”
MF Doom / John Robinson “Who Is This Man?”
Mitchell, Gerry / Various Production “The Invisible Lodger”
Mixhell “Boom Da”
Mythical Beast “Scales”
Nelson, Willie & Asleep At The Wheel “Willie And The Wheel”
Om “Conference Of The Birds”
Om “Live At Jerusalem”
Pulling Teeth “Paranoid Delusions / Paradise Illusions”
Ritual “Beneath Aging Flesh And Bone”
Servile Sect “Stratospheric”
Starkey Ft. Durrty Goodz “Gutter Music”
Starr, Jack “Born Petrified”
Syntheme “Lasers ‘N’ Shit”
USA Is A Monster “Space Programs”
Various Artists “African Scream Contest”
Various Artists “Kicksville!: Raw Rockabilly Acetates”
Various Production “Remix”
Various Production “In This RMX”
Wavves “Wavvves”
Wormsblood “Mastery Of Creation Demos”
Wray, Link “Hillbilly Wolf: Missing Links Vol. 1”

At Half-Mast / To The Embers
At Half-Mast / Values Intact
Black Time “Dance Party”
Crystal Stilts “Love Is A Wave”
Flips “That Girl Stacey”
Foundation / Meantime
Golden Age, The “Time &…”
Hatred Surge “Isolated Human”
Hawks And Doves “Hush Money”
Homostupids “Cat Music”
Iron Age “The Way Is Narrow”
Libyans “Crash Course”
Mammoth Grinder “No Results”
Mirrors & Wires “Colourized”
Outlaw Order “Legalize Crime”
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart “Young Adult Friction”
Trap Them “Seance Prime”
Until Your Heart Stops “We…”
Various Artists “Greetings From Paradise”
Wings, Beer & Sports “Lets…”

Acid Drinkers “Are You A Rebel?”
Anti-Nowhwere Leage “We Are The League”
A-Trak “Infinity +1”
Battlefields “Thresholds Of Imbalance”
Blood Money “Blood Brotherhood”
Cannabis Corpse “Blunted At Birth”
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words “Lost In Reflections”
Envenomist “Helix”
Exile “Radio”
Leonard Cohen “Live In London (2CD Digipack)”
Jim Gaffigan “King Baby”
PJ Harvey & John Parish “A Woman, A Man, Walked…”
Hoods “Demo 2005”
Impending Doom “Serpent Servant”
Kylesa “Static Tensions”
Ministry “Adios”
Mumakil “Behold The Failure”
Orcustus “Orcustus”
Pansy Division “That’s So Gay”
Protestant “As Dead As We Look”
Queensryche “American Soldier”
Silverstein “A Shipwreck In The Sand”
Skinless “Trample The Weak”
Vacant Coffin “Sewer Skullpture”
Vice Squad “Very Best Of…”
Vulcano “Bloody Vengeance (CD/DVD)”
Whitest Boy Alive “Rules”
Wolves In The Throne Room “Black Cascade”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “It’s Blitz (Deluxe Edition)”

Bollywood Horror Volume 1
Bollywood Horror Volume 2
Cat In The Brain (Fulci)
Poultrygeist (Troma)
Slumdog Millionaire