14th of May 2009 Update of New & Key Restocked Items

14th Of May 2009 Update Of New And Key Restocked Items
At Redscroll Records

LPS & 12″s:
Agoraphobic Nosebleed “Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (Picture Disc)”
Anaal Nathrakh “Eschaton”
Bat For Lashes “Two Suns”
Bitters, The “Wooden Glove”
Black Sabbath “Master Of Reality (Deluxe)”
Blessure Grave “Learn To Love The Rope”
Boris / Doomriders “Long Hair And Tights (Import)”
Candlemass “Death Magic Doom”
Cause Co-Motion “Because Because Because EP”
Contaminators “Contaminators”
Devil’s Blood, The “Come, Reap”
Dinosaur L (Arthur Russell) “24 -> 24 Music”
Dolphins Into The Future “On Sea-Faring Isolation”
Dungen “Tio Bitar”
Earth Crisis “To The Death”
Eat Skull “Wild And Inside”
Food “Food”
Francis & The Holograms “Who Said These Were Happy Times”
Indian “Sycophant (Orange)”
Insect Warfare (625 12″)
Killdozer “The Last Waltz”
Meat Puppets “Sewn Together”
Mika Miko “We Be Xuxa”
Papercuts “You Can Have What You Want”
Phobia “Resist And Exist”
Pig Destroyer “Phantom Limb”
Pig Destroyer “Terrifyer”
Pulp “This Is Hardcore”
Punch “Punch”
Purple Mercy “Purple Mercy”
Royksopp “Junior”
Sleep “Holy Mountain (Black Vinyl)”
Thermals “Fuckin A”
Ufomammut “Godlike Snake”
Various Artists “Panama! Latin, Calypso And Funk On The Isthmus 1965-75”
Various Artists “This Is Happening Without Your Permission (Triumph Of Lethargy, Baby Control, TacocaT)”
Vex’d, Jamie “In System Travel”
Witchcraft “The Alchemist (Yellow)”

Bird And The Bee – “Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future”
Boxcutter – “Arecibo Message”
Death Set – “Rad Warehouse”
Dodsferd – “Suicide And The Rest”
Funeral Throne – “Nihil Sine Diab”
Kid606 – “Shout At The Doner”
Last Lights – “No Past”
Meat Puppets – “Sewn Together”
Mika Miko – “We Be XUXA”
Narrows – “New Distances”
Nifelhein – “s/t”
Old Wainds – “Death Nort Kult”
Pulling Teeth – “Paranoid Delusions”
Vader – “XXV”
V/A – “War Child Present Heroes”
Vaselines – “Enter The Vaselines”
Weekend Nachos – “Punish and Destroy/Torture”

Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Crom – split
Bad Seeds – s/t
Boiling Over – Trash City
Brain Killer – s/t
Detournement – Screaming
Enviromental Youth Crunch / Defiance, Ohio – split
Like Wolves – s/t
Rise Against – s/t
Silla Electrica – “Hundir”
Spirit Caravan – “So Mortal Be”
Unearthly Trance / Minsk – split
Vivian Girls – Moped Girls/Death (UK import)
Witchcraft – “If Crimson Was Your Colour”
Woods – “Dark”

Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution In Ethics, Politics, Spirit, And Sound

Gergis/Bishop – “Sumatran Folk Cinema”
Mayet, H – “VA:Musical Brotherhoods From The Trans-Saharan Highway”
Niblock, P – “Movement Of People Working”