2nd of July Independence Update 2009

2nd of July 2009 Update Of New and Key Restocks
at Redscroll Records

Check out these records we recently got in (or back in, in some cases). Come in and celebrate your indpendence by supporting an independent shop – ours!

We will be OPEN on JULY 4th, but we will be closing early at 5PM. Come by before your evening of fireworks/storming/what-have-you.

LPs & 12″s
A Better Hope Foundation “Trading Heroes For Ghosts”
Aggrolites, The “IV”
Bayside “Shudder”
Belphegor “Goatreich Fleshcult”
Bjork “Voltaic (200 Gram +CD)”
Black, Frank And The Catholics “Show Me Your Tears (180 Gram)”
Blood For Blood “Outlaw Anthems”
Cage “Depart From Me”
Comadre “A Wolf Ticket”
Control Denied “The Fragile Art Of Existence”
Cryptopsy “The Unspoken King”
DarkThrone Soulside Journey
Devil Wears Prada, The “With Roots Above And Branches Below”
DeVille “Quente”
Distance “Choke Hold”
Dream Theatre “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”
Einsturzende Neubauten “Ende Neu”
Gride “Horizont Udalosti”
Lenz, Kim And The Jaguars “It’s All True! (Limited Signed And Numbered +CD)”
Make Do And Mend “Bodies Of Water”
Moha! “Norwegianism”
Moss “Tombs Of The Blind Drugged”
MRK1 “Feel Loved”
None More Black “This Is Satire”
Opeth “Wooden Box (6LP Deluxe Set)”
Phoenix “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (+MP3 D/L)”
Ragga Twins “Spliffhead”
Silver Apples “Contact”
Simko, Kate “Take You There”
Slayer “Christ Illusion (Special Edition; + D/L)”
Southside Steppers “When She Moves”
Spektor, Regina “Far”
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky “The Grand Partition, And the Abrogation Of Idolatry”
Various Artists “Afro Baby: The Evolution Of The Afro-Sound In Nigeria 1970-79”
Various Artists “Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk And Fusion In 70’s Ghana Volume 2”
Various Artists “Nigeria Special: Part 1 – Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Nigerian Blues 1970-76”
Various Artists “Nigeria Disco Funk Special: The Sound Of The Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79”
Various Artists “Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock & Fuzz Funk In 1970s Nigeria”
Various Artists “Nicky Siano’s Legendary The Gallery: The Original New York Disco 1973-77”
Various Artists “An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / First A-Chronology Volume #1”
Weasel, Ben “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”
Weekend Nachos “Unforgivable”
Wyrd “The Ghost Album (PICLP)”

Bouncing Souls “20th Anniversary”
Bracewar “Whatever It Takes”
Circles “Lay Of The Land”
Flyboys “Crayon World/…”
In The Hollows
Judgement “Just Be”
Monument To Thieves “Anyone”
OK? “Everything Is Going To Be OK?”
Paint It Black “Amnesia”
Retainers “Waste Of Time”
Various Artists “Human EP”

Blasphemy “Gods Of War/Blood Up…”
Bright Eyes “There Is No Beginning…”
Cage “Depart From Me”
Carlin, George “Place For My Stuff”
Cathedral “Forest Of Equilibrium (CD/DVD Special Edition)”
Ceephax “Drive Time”
Cold Cave “Creamations”
Death In June “World/Summer”
Dissystema “3 Years In Hell”
Dream Theatre “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”
Dysrhythmia “Psychic Maps”
Eels “Hombre Lobo”
Einsturzende Neubauten “Ende Neu”
Ex Deo “Romulus”
Eyehategod “In The Name Of Suffering (Deluxe Reissue)”
Gride “Horizont Udalosti”
Hawkwind “Space Ritual (2CD)”
Last Resort “You’ll Never…”
Mouth Sewn Shut “Doomed…”
Nurse With Wound “Surveillance Lounge”
Spektor, Regina “Far”
Throbbing Gristle “2nd Annual Report”
Throbbing Gristle “D.O.A.”
Throbbing Gristle “Jazz Funk…”
Vulcano “Bloody Vengeance”
Wyrd “The Ghost Album”

Altered States
Morrissey: The Solo Years
Road Warrior / Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Cassette Tape
Rough Sex “Rough Demo”