10th of September 2009 Update

10th of September 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Achilles “Hospice”
Black Flag “White Minority: Live At The Starship Club Milwaukee 7/17/1981”
Broadway Calls “Good Views, Bad News”
Burial (Punk) “Speed At Night”
Chimpo “Lock Off VIP / Like No Other”
Citizens Arrest “Colossus”
Creatures “I, Lucifer”
Dead Swans “Sleepwalkers”
Digital Leather “Blow Machine”
Estrogen Highs “Tell It To Them”
Fresh & Onlys, The “Grey-Eyed Girls”
Gatekeeper “Hades”
Gestapo Khazi “Gestapo Khazi”
Hard Skin “Same Meat, Different Gravy”
Herds “Herds”
Live Fast Die “Bandana Thrash Record”
O’Rourke, Jim “The Visitor”
Polar Bear Club “The Redder, The Better”
Q And Not U “Different Damage”
Sedatives “Sedatives”
Set Your Goals “This Will Be The Death Of Us (+ Download)”
Sleeping Giant “Sons Of Thunder”
Soul Control “Cycles”
United Nations “United Nations”
Various Artists “Killed By 7 Inch Vol. 1 To 5”
Various Artists “Killed By Death #77”
Various Artists “Killed By Death #999”
Warcry “10 Tracks Noise EP”

As We Let Go “Above The…”
Bishop “Asylum”
Black Teeth “Ghost Town”
Broadway Calls “Be All…”
Brutal Knights “Breakdown”
Brutal Knights “My Life, My Fault”
Crawlers “I Hate Michael Vick”
Crime Desire “In Lucifer’s…”
Danzig, Glenn “Who Killed Marilyn”
Dead Swans “It’s Starting”
Death Before Dishonor “Our…”
Foundation “Hang Your Head”
J Church “She Has No Control”
J Church / Serpico
Ladies, The “Hole Sailor”
Lickgoldensky “Demo”
Misfits “Cough Cool”
Mob 47 “EP”
Mother Of Mercy “Passing”
Ok? “Everything Is Going To Be…”
Parlamentarisk Sodomi “Regnskog, …”
Polar Bear Club “Summer”
Ragan, Chuck / Fallon, Brian
Soul Control “Silent Real”
Streetwalkers “Vile Thoughts”
This Is Hell “Warbirds”
Timebombs “Nuke Everything”
Tippers Gore “Unsettling Loss”
Various Artists “No Bullshit Vol. 4”

Fire! “You Liked Me”
Folsom “Hammer Lane”
Fresh & Onlys, The “Grey-Eyed Girls”
GusGus “24/7”
Kids Like Us “The Game”
Oh, Sleeper “Son Of The…”
O’Rourke, Jim “The Visitor”
Shoot To Kill “Altar Of Pigs”
Sleeping Giant “Sons Of…”
Various Artists “Cosmic Balearic Volume 2 (2CD)”
Various Artists “Shadow Music Of Thailand”
Various Artists “Siamese Soul: Thai Pop Spectacular”

O Zelador: A Story Of Capoeira (Daren Bartlett)
People Who Do Noise (Cold Hands Video)
Un Chien Andalou (Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali)

My First Time (First Show Experience Stories)
Story Of Crass