Vote NOW in the New Haven Advocate Readers’ Poll 2010

Every year, the New Haven Advocate does a Readers’ Poll. It’s going on right now. You can pick up an issue and fill out a ballot by hand or you can fill it out online by visiting New Haven Advocate 2010 Readers’ Poll Ballot.

You have to vote in at least 20 categories for your ballot to count. This can be difficult sometimes. Knowing that, here is what we voted for. Vote as you please, of course. We just happen to like these places.

It’s snowing out and this is one good way to make your time indoors productive today (we think so anyway). We’d surely appreciate your support. Thank you in advance to the best customers anywhere (way beyond just New Haven County, for sure).

The Arts
5. Place to See A Concert: Cafe 9

Books, CDs, DVDs
9. Comic Book Store: DJ’s Comics (Wallingford)
11. Independent CD/Vinyl Store: Redscroll Records

14. Camera Shop: James Camera
16. Place To Buy A Musical Instrument: J.C. Music

Home And Garden
33. Place To Buy A Futon: Futon World

54. Bank: People’s

Health And Beauty
75. Tattoo / Body Piercing Parlor: Lovecraft Tattoo

Bars And Clubs
87. Bar For Pub Games: Cherry St. Station
91. Neighborhood Bar: Cafe 9
97. Place To Hear Local Music: The Space

106. Burrito: La Cosa Nita
107. Best Candy Store: Sweet Cioccolata (Our neighbor!)
110. French Fries: Rudy’s
112. Health Food Store: Edge Of The Woods
114. Ice Cream Shop: Sweet Claude’s
121. Place To Buy Coffee Beans: Fuel
122. Place To Buy Dessert To Go: Cafe Romeo
130. Soup: York St. Noodle House

138. Indian Restaraunt: Darbar
141. Japanese Restaraunt: Miso
157. Sushi Restaurant: Miya’s
159. Vegetarian Restaurant: Elaine’s Healthy Choice

Sports And Fitness
161. Bicycle Shop: Devil’s Gear

184. Antiques Store: Rick’s Antiques (Wallingford)
190. Place To Buy And sell Gold: Rick’s Antiques (Wallingford)

Best Graffitti: Demo Piece Under The E.T. Grasso Bridge

Best Local Band
Stefan (Estrogen Highs / Guitarist in Medication / Ehrgeizig / Permanent Feels / Bass in Iron Hand)

Best Place For A First Date
York St. Noodle House

Best Place To Hide A Body (Seriously, how much in bad tastes is this category?!)
In a wall in a Yale Building (Fittingly bad taste answer.)

Best Place To See Aging Yuppies

Best Sidewalk
Redscroll Records (We won this last year! Let’s do it again.)

Best Sign Painter
Todd Rogers / Teaessare (Painted Redscroll Record’s and Fuel’s signs)

Best Thing To Do For Free On A Friday Night
Redscroll Records