25th of June 2010 Update

25th of June 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Beck     “Sea Change (Original Master Recording)”
Caulfield    “Caulfield”
Convulse    “World Without God (180 Gram; + D/L)”
Crystal Castles    “Crystal Castles (II)”
Dear Hunter    “Act I: Lake South”
Dismember    “Dismember”
DMX Krew     “Come To Me”
Ducksauce    “Greatest Hits”
Eden Rose    “On The Way To Eden”
Hawkwind    “Hawkwind (Re-Issue; 180 Gram)”
Illum Sphere    “Titan”
JSL    “Yellow Bird”
Karate    “Pockets”
Kiuas    “Lustdriven (/500)”
Kode 9    “DJ-Kicks”
La Roux    “La Roux”
Mayfield, Curtis    “There’s No Place Like America Today”
Merzbow    “Graft”
Morricone, Ennio    “Escalation (O.S.T.)”
OneOhTrix Point Never    “Zones Without People”
Panthu Du Prince    “This Bliss”
Pelander, Magnus (Singer For Witchcraft)    “Magnus Pelander (Ltd. Ed. Yellow)”
Rapture, The    “Echoes”
Raw Power    “After Your Brain”
Rotten Sound    “Napalm (+ CD)”
Strummer, Joe & The Mescaleros    “Steetcore (+ D/L)”
Tegan & Sara    “Alligator (12″ Single)”
Thou / Salome    “Thou / Salome”
Various Artists    “Spirits Of Life: Haitian Vodou”
Various Artists    “Soviet Funk Volume 1”
Various Artists    “Soviet Funk Volume 2”
Williams, Hank    “Nashville Sessions  (180 Gram)”
Wolf Parade    “Expo 86”
Wright, Bernard    “Nard (Re-Issue)”

Integrity    “To Die For (Red)”
Vega, Alan / Effi Briest / Peaches    “Jonny / Universe / No Tomorrow”
Vega, Alan / Thomas Brinkmann / Gavin Friday & Dave Ball    “Ghostrider / Diamonds, Furcoats, Champagne”

Young Mothers “Come On…”

A Certain Ratio “Mind Made Up”
Actress “Hazyville”
Black Tusk “Taste The Sin”
Flaming Lips “Dark Side Of The Moon”
Gamma Bomb “Tales From The Grave In Space”
Haste The Day “Attack Of The Wolf King (+ DVD)”
Lorn “Nothing Else”
Madlib “Medicine Show No. 6: Brain Wreck”
Maps & Atlases “Perch Patchwork”
OneOhTrixPointNever “Returnal”
PanSonic “Gravitoni”
Paz, Vinnie “Season Of The Assassin”
Steel Train “Steel Train”
To Speak Of Wolves “Myself Letting Go”
Various Artists    “Spirits Of Life: Haitian Vodou”
Various Artists “This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2”

Niblock, Phil “Six Films”