25th of September 2010 Update

25th of September 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
1994    “FCKYRHED”
7 Seconds    “New Wind”
7 Seconds    “The Crew”
Ahmed, Ilyas    “Between Two Skies / Towards The Night”
Appleseed Cast, The    “Sagarmatha”
Bad Plus, The    “Never Stop”
Banner Pilot    “Resignation Day”
Be My Doppleganger    “No Composure”
Big L    “139 & Lenox”
Black Math    “Phantom Power (/500)”
Black Pacific    “Black Pacific”
Black Twig Pickers, The    “Ironto Special”
Cacaw    “Cacaw (/500)”
Caulfield    “Caulfield”
Cccandy    “Lonesome Berlin”
Cheap Girls    “My Roaring 20’s”
Cross, David    “Bigger And Blackerer (Ltd. Ed. /2500 + DVD + Poster + D/L)”
Cult Of Youth    “Filthy Plumage In An Open Sea!”
DJ Nate    “Hatas Our Motivation”
Dunbar, Maximillion    “Girls Dream”
Egerton, Stephen    “The Seven Degrees Of”
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting    “Bubblethug”
Fake Boys    “This Is Where Our Songs Live”
Fake Problems    “Real Ghosts Caught On Tape (+ D/L)”
FIYA    “Magic Words”
Flying Lotus    “Pattern + Grid World (+ D/L + Poster)”
Franklin, Aretha    “Young, Gifted And Black (Re-Issue)”
Future Islands    “Undressed”
Ghostface Killah     “Ironman (2LP Reissue; Remastered)”
Hot Water Music    “A Flight And A Crash”
Kryptic Minds    “Follow Me VIP / Rubberman”
Land Of Talk    “Cloak And Cipher (2LP + D/L)”
Les Savy Fav    “Root For Ruin (+ D/L)”
Lil B    “Rain In England (Produced By The Based God)”
Man Overboard    “Real Talk”
Melt Banana    “Teeny Shiny”
Melt Banana    “Cell Scape”
Murs & 9th Wonder    “Fornever (+ D/L Of Instrumentals)”
MV + EE    “Home Comfort”
MV + EE    “The Hick Smoke”
Off With Their Heads     “Hospitals”
Off With Their Heads     “All Things Move Toward Their End”
oOoOO    “oOoOO”
Orgone    “Killion Vaults (+ D/L)”
Others, The    “Off The Wall”
Pinch / Darqwan    “The Boxer / The Boxer (Darqwan Remix)”
Rocket From The Crypt    “Cut Carefully And Play Loud”
Rvivr    “Rvivr”
Screaming Females    “Power Move”
Skream    “Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall”
Strike Anywhere    “Change Is A Sound”
Strike Anywhere    “Exit English”
Sun City Girls    “Funeral Mariachi”
Terror    “Keepers Of The Faith”
Thermals, The    “Personal Life (+ D/L)”
Torche    “Songs For Singles”
Tragedy    “Vengeance”
Villalobos, Ricardo    “Alcachofa (3LP)”
West, Kanye    “808s & Heartbreak”
Whitman, Keith Fullerton    “Disingenuity B/W Disingenuousness”

Rocket From The Crypt    “The State OF Art Is On Fire”

American Cheeseburger / Bukkake Boys
American Cheeseburger / Canadian Rifle *(Clever Split Of The Week Award)*
Battle! “Closer / Further”
Brody’s Militia
Chillerton “Hollow Lane”
Convulsions “Reapers Gift”
Culo “Military Trend”
Fire & Ice “Grim”
Full Of Hell “Inevitable…”
Pine Hill Haints, The “Black Casket”
Senders “Recovery”
White Wires / Mean Jeans

Battlelore “Evernight (Ltd. Ed.)”
Black Angels “Phosphene Dream”
Crippled Black Phoenix “I Vigilante”
Dungen “Skit I Allt”
Emak “Synthetic History”
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting    “Bubblethug”
Gnaw Their Tongues “La’arrivee De La Terne Mort…”
Lil B    “Rain In England (Produced By The Based God)”
Oceansize “Self Preserved While…”
Orgone “Killion Vaults”
Product Of Waste “You Won’t…”
Terror “Keepers Of The Faith”
Zorn, John “Filmworks XXIV”

Slices #3-10 (FREE)
Trash Humpers (Harmony Korrine)

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