Radio Radio Radio

Radio Radio Radio
Ben Michael –  General Manager Of WESU
You might not know this, but I (Rick) have been involved with community radio for a long freaking time.  Monday through Friday I get up and go to WESU in Middletown (Wesleyan University’s community radio station) and set up the day’s automated schedule.  I’m the only part time employee while Ben (pictured above) is the only full-time employee.  The rest of our staff is all volunteer (as were Ben and I before being put into our current positions) and they do a great job.

Recently (as of a couple weeks ago) WESU made the jump to 6,000 watts of broadcasting power!  It’s quite the jump from its previous power of 1500 watts (though there was a brief interim power output of 3,000 watts).  Listen to the 88.1 FM frequency and let us know where you tune in from by emailing

To check out the full schedule and / or listen online you can visit the website here:  The schedule includes our friend Anthony’s show, the Needle Drop, and our friend DJ Lokash’s show, Bassment Beats. It includes some other great syndicated shows of the musical and public affairs variety as well (seriously, just go check out the website and full schedule).

The last thing on this subject I want to mention is ME ME ME!  I am returning to the air waves after an absence of a couple years.  I will be doing a very late night show so if you are up at 2AM on every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.  Check the blog about the show here:  After it airs, I post the show up on the blog too (if you don’t have to be awake at that time). 

There’s also, in general, a ton of great programming on the left hand side of the dial on the radio.  Listen to the radio from time to time and even on the regular!  RADIO RADIO RADIO!