Check It: Waylon Recordings

Waylon Recordings
 Waylon Recordings is a pretty new label. And while the facebook page may espouse Montana as its home, the fact is it’s just at home in Connecticut (or moreso).  One driving force behind it is known from his Northern (not-so-much-of) Failures

 “The label was founded by Christian McKenna (Slacks, Empty Flowers, 1965, Translation Loss Records) and Randy Larsen (Empty Flowers, Slacks, Cable)… They are solely interested in releasing trendy, hip bands that will make money.”
That last part is pretty pretty funny indeed.  So far they’ve released a CD by Slacks (themselves), Serpent Throne and Total Fucking Destruction.  Hip and trendy?  Not exactly (they’ve even still got myspace pages – links at the end of the post).  Good?  Exactly.
They’ve just got a few CDs out as yet, but they are a pretty solid grouping.  And you can find them all here (at the store), of course.  A couple more tidbits: T.F.D. features Rich Hoak (legendary drummer of grind godfathers Brutal Truth) and Translation Loss Records has been partnered up with them for all of these so far (which should give you an idea of the quality and direction).  I’m looking forward to more quality releases from this camp.

And check this pro-vid for “Time Theft” by TFD: