Reminder: Sale Starts Tuesday, Ends Sunday

Reminder: Sale Starts Tuesday, Ends Sunday
April 12, 2011 – April 17, 2011
20% Off Everything!
We’ve been working pretty hard to get our store as well stocked as possible.  The shelves are quite literally running out of space so there is definitely a good amount to choose from.   
We kick off the sale Tuesday.  Why Tuesday?  Well, because that is our exact anniversary date.  We opened our doors on April 12, 2007 (4 years ago).  We’re going to go bowling at closing too (8PM).  Please join us.  We’re going to Wallingford Bowl (they close at 11PM and we’ll definitely be there until then).  They’ve also got some arcade games, a snack bar (soft pretzels, soda, nachos, …) and a regular old bar (adult beverages). 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the sale continues during our normal store hours (12PM-8PM).  
Saturday is Record Store Day.  We’ll be open from 10AM-10PM on this day.  There are a ton of R.S.D. exclusive items we’ll be getting in.  A list of those will be posted by Friday.  Please check back if you’re wondering what we’re getting in.  Our goodie-bags for this day are coming together rather nicely.  There are a lot of different goodies and not every bag is going to be the same.  It will be completely luck of the draw about what you get.  They will be given to every customer until we run out of them.  Check out what you and your friends get and mix, match, trade and have fun with ’em!  As with previous years we’ll be having some end of the night festivities (HINT).  
 And then Sunday we conclude the sale during regular hours (12PM-6PM).  History has shown that plenty of great records will be here this day.  If you cannot make it until Sunday then it will be well worth it to come.  As with every week, deliveries will be coming throughout so our stock will continually be replenished and changing.  We’re excited!  I hope it’s contagious.

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  1. I’ve purchased from your store on discogs previously, you’ve got an awesome selection. Will stuff on the discogs website also be 20% off?

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