Live Music: F*ck#d Up Music at Popeyes Garage

Live Music: F%ck!d Up Music at Popeyes Garage
This post is a guest post by our friend Kryssi (Colorguard, Gramery Records, Popeyes Garage). Thanks Kryssi. Check these shows out.  Check out all that happens down at Popeyes Garage.  Josh and I (Rick) will be in Baltimore this weekend so we’ll be missing at least one of these, but if you’re around you should do your best to attend. All words forthwith are Kryssi’s (and actually do reflect the views of this store, ha):

A series of 2 shows at Popeyes featuring highly abrasive, other-worldly, or just plain fucked up music.

Sunday May 29th Italian free-jazz/psych group Jooklo Duo will be joining noise guitarist Bill Nace and sax player Paul Flaherty for a performance at Popeyes Garage. The chaotic duo, featuring Virginia Genta on sax & David Vanzan on drums, most recently released a 7” on Northern Spy titled “The Warrior”.

Here’s a pretty excellent video:

and their website:

Also playing will be Mittimus featuring members of Hat City Intuitive from Danbury, CT and Broadcloth, a trio from New Haven featuring member of An Historic and Dr. Caterwauls C of CC.

Tuesday, June 7th another harsh free-jazz outfit, Tiger Hatchery, from Chicago will be coming to Popeyes. The aggressive trio features Andrew Scott Young, Ben Billington (Quicksails, Moonrises), and Mike Forbes. They have an awesome LP on Pizza Night, as well as some other cool releases on Fag Tapes and Gilgongo Records. It’s their second time at Popeyes, and they were sick the first time so that’s kind of a guarantee. Go to their website, it plays a blistering jam:

Also playing will be Colorguard and Dasen, two solo noise projects from New Haven.