CANCELLED: Sunday Benefit: CHIP!

Mother Nature is cruel. Well, she is at least ambivalent. And she’s bringing the wrath this weekend. The Governor has already declared a state of emergency for Connecticut on Sunday. So, yes, the Benefit event for Matthew “Chip” Crane is cancelled. That doesn’t mean we can’t still raise money for him. We will. We have raffle prizes and a karaoke machine (which unless we figure out something for Monday may sadly go unused). Stay tuned. We’ll send a message out through all the channels (blogs, facebook, twitter).  

Thanks to all who planned on attending and we hope you’ll keep an eye out for the future effort on this.

Back On His Feet
A Benefit For Matthew “Chip” Crane

||Facebook Event Page||
Sunday, August 28th 7:00 PM
Daniel Street
21 Daniel St., Milford, CT
$10 (minimum donation) 21+


(Rock band from DC area with members of Lion of Judah)
(Rock band from New Haven area that Chip once played drums in)
(Medhammer noise leprechaun flute something something)
(Hartford Party Starters Union)

Be ready to sing like David Lee Roth! 

(or y’know, like yourself while singing popular hits of the past)

Brass City Tattoo, Liberty Tattoo, Manic Productions, Redscroll Records, Shop Shogun & more!

A few months back Matthew “Chip” Crane was on a fire escape when it collapsed. He landed on his feet and shattered his heels. This is a benefit to lift his spirits and to try and help with the financial burden that comes along with an accident like this. Matthew has played with seminal CT bands; such as Fired Up, Tombstone Minds and Estrogen Highs.

Chip on drums:
A cursory search didn’t turn up any footage of Chip playing bass in Fired Up, but here’s a song and the cover art (Chip is all the way on the right of the cover):
Couldn’t find any Tombstone Minds footage either. Come see this guy in the flesh and forget the videos. I guarantee he’ll be doing Karaoke which is more entertaining than most things in life anyhow. Get ready for fun while helping a friend (whether he’s yours now or soon to be).