16th Of September 2011

16th Of September 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Acrylics    “Lives And Treasure”
Andrew Jackson Jihad    “Knife Man”
Angel    “26000”
Anthrax    “Worship Music”
Asshole Parade / Slight Slappers    “Slight Slappers / Asshole Parade (+ D/L)”
Barr, Mick    “Coiled Malescence”
Bataan, Joe    “Gypsy Woman”
Big Business    “Big Biz Quadruple Singles”
Big Kitty    “Florence (+ D/L)”
Black Kites / Convulsions    “Convulsions / Black Kites “
Caravels    “Floorboards / The Earthling Sessions”
Chamberlain    “The Moon My Saddle”
City And Colour    “Little Hell “
Clem Snide    “The Ghost Of Fashion”
Colon, Willie    “Willie Colon”
Deftones    “Around The Fur (Orange Vinyl)”
Disconcerts    “A. Medic (/300)”
Donoso, Ricardo    “Progress Chance”
Electricity In Our Homes    “We Agree Completely”
Expo 70    “Awakening”
Flower Travelling Band    “Made In Japan (180 Gram)”
Golden Retriever    “Light Cones”
Johnson, Robert    “The Complete Collection”
Kirby, Leyland    “Eager To Tear Apart The Stars”
Ladytron    “Gravity The Seducer (Ltd. Ed. Hand Numbered)”
Landlord    “Beneath The Wheel (+ D/L)”
Le Tetsuo    “Your Elbow” 10″
Los Destellos    “Constelaticion (+ D/L)”
Maria & The Mirrors    “Travel Sex EP”
McGuire, Mark    “Get Lost”
Mirror Mirror    “Interiors (+ D/L With Bonus Remixes)”
Modern Life Is War    “My Love. My Way. (Reissue)”
Naysayer    “Laid To Rest”
New Found Glory, A    “Nothing Gold Can Stay”
Nurses    “Dracula (+ D/L)”
Oblivian, Jack    “Rat City (+ D/L)”
Oiltanker    “The Shadow Of Greed”
Opeth    “Heritage (180 Gram Double LP Set)”
Pere Ubu    “The Modern Dance”
Primal Scream / MC5 (Davis, Kramer, Thompson)    “Music From The Film “Black To Comm””
Project:Komakino    “Project:Komakino”
Radio People    “Hazel (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)”
Ragan, Chuck    “Covering Ground (+ D/L)”
Robedoor    “Too Down To Die”
Saviours    “Death’s Procession (Ltd. Ed.)”
Thundercat    “The Golden Age Of Apocalypse (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)”
Thunders, Johnny & The Heartbreakers    “L.A.M.F. Demos, Outtakes And Alternative Mixes”
Trans Am    “Futureworld”
Trophy Wives    “Old Scratch”
Tuma, Scott    “Not For Nobody”
Vacant State    “Fill The Void”

Electronic LPs & 12″s
Biome    “Space”
Boman, Axel    “Lucky Tiger EP”
Damu    “Ridin EP”
Dub War    “The Funky Deal / To The Depths”
Fixmer, Terence    “Le Terrible”
Flugel, Roman     “Fatty Folders (2LP)”
Kieran, Phill & Paap, Jochem    “Workshops Vol. 01”
Modeselektor     “Monkeytown (2LP)”
Plastikman    “Arkives 1993-2010 (6 × Vinyl, 12″)”
Runaway    “Indoor Pool”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
A Tribe Called Quest    “Hits, Rarities, & Remixes”
A Tribe Called Quest    “The Love Movement”

Brass Caskets / Cold Snap
Diet Cokeheads “Ocular”
Diet Cokeheads / Neon Blud
FocusedXMinds “Stay Focused”
Hex Disp. “Razor”
Le Tetsuo
Maria & The Mirrors
Modern Life Is War
Worriers “Past”
X-Ray Eyeballs “Sundae”
Young Offendors “Razor”

Atomic Bitchwax “Spit Blood”
Elder “Dead Roots Stirring”
Goatvargr “Black Snow”
Hawkwind “Leave No Star…”
Opeth “Heritage”
Orquesta Del… “Dos”
Project:Komakino “The Struggle For Utopia”
Thrice “Major:Minor”

Environmental Youth Crunch “Vicious Fishes”
Living Laser “Ragged Glory”

Wire #332 October 2011


Batillus Furnace LP
(Seventh Rule Recordings)
“Play at high volume.” That’s the command that this Brooklyn doom-metal quartet gives in this album’s liner notes. They manage to nail a monolithic sound with a combo of chugging guitar, earth-shaking bass and punctuated drumming. To keep up the uneasy atmosphere, there’s also an emphasis on noise, with lots of feedback that grinds and sizzles. Still, the experimentation doesn’t reach the point that the album becomes inaccessible: the riffs keep it from straying too far from a tried-and-true metal sound (“Deadweight” is a good example.) In fact, despite the prevalence of suffocating bleakness in many parts of this album, some moments feel strangely uplifting: “What Heart” contains a radiant-sounding synth-line, and the other instruments join by sounding downright triumphant. Still, this album, as a whole, provides a bracing slam.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Diet Cokeheads / Neon Blud 7″

(West Palm Beotch Records)
Neon Blud plays some sweet psychedelic grunge rock, squealing guitars and some fun effects.  Female vocals that are sort of just spoken, but it works for them. The song builds into a fury. The liner notes say this is the 7″ edit of the song, I’d love to hear the full jam. On the other side we’ve got, Diet Cokeheads who I’m sure don’t do coke, if they’re into drugs, they’re way into downers. Layered echoing guitars, slow beats just barely holding it together, towards the end it sounds like haunted house music. I dig it.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Maria & The Mirrors Travel Sex EP 12″

(Parlour Records)
With a name like Maria & The Mirrors you might expect some sweet rock and roll ditties. You’d then probably be completely jarred when you started this record up and you were greeted by wave of noise or maybe you’d expect some sort of artsy intro to go into some more rocking jams or maybe you’d adjust your expectations to await some Sleigh Bells take. You’d then hear some tribal drums and think you were right on the money with that assessment. You’d then hear the chanting and perhaps come to the conclusion that this isn’t going to turn into any yelling hook filled jam. You’d be right. Maybe you wouldn’t think any of that all. Maybe you’d just take in the hypnotic tribal drumming and repetitious phrases (are they even using actual language? I don’t think so). This isn’t meant for Ibiza (as the EP name might imply); this is carnality of a different sort. Primitive, but with modern twists – noise. Layers of noise and interjections of sound pollute both sides in repetitious fashion. Enrapturing primal hypnotics.