30th Of September 2011 Update

30th Of September 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn    “It’s Me (Official Serato Control Vinyl)”
Aids Wolf    “Ma Vie Banale Avante-Garde”
Antioch Arrow    “Gems Of Masochism”
Axelrod, David    “The Auction”
Black Flag    “Damaged”
Broncho    “Can’t Get Past The Lips (+ D/L)”
Butthole Surfers    “Live PCPEP”
Charalambides    “Exile (2LP)”
Ciccone Youth    “The Whitey Album”
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi    “Rome (Starring Jack White & Norah Jones)”
Dinosaur Jr.     “You’re Living All Over Me (Reissue)”
Dinosaur Jr.     “Bug (Reissue)”
Dinosaur Jr.     “Dinosaur (Reissue)”
Dream Boat    “Widow “
Dreamers Of The Ghetto    “Enemy/Lover (+ D/L)”
Drift, The    “Blue Hour (+ D/L)”
Earth Crisis    “Neutralize The Threat”
Ernestus, Mark    “Mark Enestus Meets BBC”
Exitmusic    “From Silence (+ D/L)”
Faith    “Subject To Change (+ D/L)”
Far Out Fangtooth    “Pure & Disinterested”
Festival Of Dead Deer, The    “The Many Faces Of Mental Illness (A Collection) (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)”
Foster The People    “Pumped Up Kicks (Single 12″)”
Frente Cumbiero Meets Mad Professor    “Frente Cumbiero Meets Mad Professor”
Fungi Girls    “Some Easy Magic”
Germs, The    “Forming (Pic)”
Hawkwind    “Space Ritual Vol. 2 (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)”
Hulk Out / All Those Opposed / Third Death    “Hulk Out / All Those Opposed / Third Death”
Into It. Over It.    “Proper (White 12″)”
Jack’s Mannequin    “People And Things “
Kitchen’s Floor    “Look Forward To Nothing”
Klag, Daniel    “Weird Fiction”
Kyuss    “Blues Fro The Red Sun (180 Gramm Pressung)”
Life Of Agony    “20 Years Strong – River Runs Red: Live In Brussels”
Loney Dear    “Hall Music (180 Gram + D/L)”
Minus The Bear    “This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic (Clear Vinyl /1000 + D/L)”
Minus The Bear    “Highly Refined Pirates (Transparent Blue Vinyl /1000 + D/L)”
Misfits    “Twilight Of The Dead”
Nirvana    “Nevermind (4LPs 180-Gram Vinyl; Expanded Artwork; Remastered + Lots Of Extras)”
Now Denial    “Fuck Now Denial (+ D/L)”
Now Denial    “Power To The Mountain (+ CD)”
Omegas    “Blasts Of Lunacy”
Orcutt, Bill    “How The Thing Sings “
Orthrelm    “2nd 18/O4 Norildivoth Crallos-Lomrixth Urthiln”
Ramones    “Brain Drain (180 Gram)”
Rene Hell / Three Legged Race    “Violin Petal (Auden) / Whipped Secrets”
Revocation    “Chaos Of Forms”
Salmon, Kim And The Guys From Mudhoney    “Until…”
Shakir, Anthony Shake / Ayhun, Oni    “… Meets BBC”
Shitty/Awesome    “Shitty/Awesome”
Silver Jews     “The Natural Bridge”
Siskiyou    “Keep Away The Dead (180 Gram + Art Print Poster + D/L)”
Sleep ∞ Over (Sleep Over)    “Forever”
Some Girls    “All My Friends Are Going Death (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)”
Some Girls    “Heaven’s Pregnant Teens (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)”
Stepkids, The    “The Stepkids (+ D/L)”
Swiftumz     “Don’t Trip”
Talk Talk    “Spirit Of Eden”
Talk Talk    “Laughing Stock”
Talkdemonic    “Ruins (+ D/L)”
Teams    “Dxys Xff”
Three Mile Pilot    “Chief Assasin To The Sinister”
Three Mile Pilot    “Na Vucca Do Lupu”
Tone, Yasunao    “MP3 Deviation #8”
Tune-Yards    “Gangsta (Album Version, Adrock Remix, Cut Chemist Remix, Instrumental, A Cappella)”
Type O Negative    “Bloody Kisses (180 Gram)”
Various Artists    “Jungle Magic (Sofrito Tropical Disco V.2)”
Various Artists    “Porno Groove II (PIC LP + D/L)”
Veronica Falls    “Veronica Falls”
Vex Ruffin    “Crash Course EP”
Villalobos, Ricardo & Loderbauer, Max / Peverelist    “… Meets BBC”
We Were Promised Jetpacks    “In The Pit Of The Stomach (+ D/L)”
White Dog    “Triturate”
Whitman     “I’ll Be Waiting (/300 + D/L)”
Young Adults    “Black Hole”
Zola Jesus    “Conatus (Ltd. Ed. Clear Vinyl + D/L)”
Zounds    “The Redemption Of Zounds”
Zs    “The Hard EP”

Electronic LPs & 12″s
Aquarius Heaven    “Can’t Buy Love EP”
Azari & III    “Azari & III”
Bakongo    “Amhara”
Curly, Nick    “Sun City EP”
Joker    “Here Come The Lights (Feat. Silas – Turboweekend)”
Kahn    “Way Mi Defend (10″)”
Magician, The     “I Don’t Know What To Do (Feat. Jeppe)”
Martyn    “Masks / Viper”
Plastikman    “Nostalgik.2”
Skudge / Substance / October & Appleblim    “Skudge Remixes Part 4”
Tropics    “Parodia Flare”
Trueby, Rainer    “Jeck”
Venegas, Felipe    “I Ching”
We Love    “Timeless”
ZZT    “Vulkan Alarm!”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Exile    “4TRKMIND (+ D/L)”
False Tropics    “Sample Based Beats”
Ice Cube    “AmeriKKa’s Most Wanted (2xLP)”
J Dilla (Jay Dee)    “Donuts (“Smile” Cover 2xLP)”
Oddisee    “Rock Creek Park”
Timbo King    “From Babylon To Timbuktu (2xLP)”

Spanakorzo / Swing Kids    “Fly By Wire”
Stetson, Colin    “Those Who Didn’t Run / The End Of Your Suffering”

Branko “Branko!”
Children Of God “Coup De…”
Domestic War / In The Day
Egg Hunt
Fury Of Five / Mushmouth
H2O “California”
Hatewaves “The Tombs (5″)”
Low Places
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings “He Said I can / It Hurts To Be Alone”
Negative Lifestyle “Panic”
Redgrave “Mantis”
Regents “On Boarding”
Social Circkle “Expiration”
Swing Kids
Terrible Feelings “Impend…”
Triac “Always Meant To”
Watery Love “Die With Dignity / Leave Me”

Body, The & Braveyoung “Nothing Passes”
Danny Brown “XXX”
Cvlts “Lvst” (CDR)
Opeth “Heritage”
Revocation “Chaos Of Forms”
Textures “Dualism”
Wynne, J. “300 Speakers…”
Zola Jesus “Conatus”

Wire #332 October 2011

Death In June – Whip-hand Logo (Natural & Grey Colors)


Bad Sports Kings Of The Weekend LP
This Denton, Texas trio plays straight-up fuzzy garage punk. Their sophomore effort Kings Of The Weekend is highly reminiscent of the earliest wave of punk, when bands like The Ramones were still crafting a faster, simpler and catchier evolution of rock n roll. There’s something really refreshing about that classic style of punk, where the songs are typically around 2 minutes (or shorter) and the biggest life concerns involve girls, not politics. The record kicks off with “Off Switch” – a high-octane rocker that jolts the listener’s attention before transitioning into the more traditional, poppier “Can’t Just Be Friends.” The fidelity stays true to the raw sound without drifting into excessive distortion. Other highlights include “Teenage Girls” (a great example of how these guys handle their early punk sound to help carve their own identity) and “I’m In Love With Myself” (who’d have thought a song about narcissism could be so catchy?) There’s not much else to say – this band stays true to form, and they rock hard in the process. I bet their live shows are a rush.
[Reviewer: Mark]
Dream Boat Widow LP
I’ve definitely been reviewing things lately that have a lot of similarities. I am noticing this now as I sit to write this review (well, a little before this). Melancholic and chill and electronic production heavy jams. Am I in a rut? More like a groove (Like a record, get it? Sorry, excuse that.). I thought about switching it up this week just for variety’s sake, but this album is worth my time (and yours). The record label is in the Czech Republic and the music is very much off the radar of most music news outlets (blogs, magazines, etc.; note most, not all). Luckily for us all, AMDiscs does a good job at keeping their own site up to date (one which I check with regularity). I’ve just brought a slew of their physical releases into the shop and they are pretty varied themselves, but I am drawn to Dream Boat. I am drawn to them because it’s in a style I enjoy (as noted), but also because they are somewhat local. Yes, it’s true. I even asked them to play the Iceage show we did a while ago – unfortunately the scheduling wasn’t ideal and it didn’t work out, but I do hope to have them by sometime to perform. Providence, RI is where they call home though I know one of the two works in NYC (because of the conversation about the Iceage show and scheduling). Yea, so, this record: really great and chill and droned out at times, but also pretty upbeat for quick spells with some dubbed out beats and treated angelic-type voices; both masculine and feminine (not quite to the level of the chipmunk-like Balam Acab voices, but a similar idea). Czech it out (oof!).
[Reviewer: Rick]
Terrible Feelings Impending Doom 7″
I was having trouble finding something I really enjoyed to recommend this week. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of new stuff came out this week that I’m sure rules, but for me nothing was doing it. Maybe it’s a personal funk, drawing a blank, whatever. I took a stack of 7″s I wasn’t familiar with on labels I generally enjoy and started my hunt. After a fistful of duds I landed on this new two song jammer on Deranged Records, originally released on Sabotage / Lack Of Sleep Records in Europe where they’re already into the second pressing. Swedish band, Terrible Feelings, play moody, melodic punk with elements of surf rock; jangly guitars and minimal artwork comprised of upside down crosses on the inside = I’m sold. The song titles are “Impending Doom” and “Death To Everyone” and the lyrics don’t get any more upbeat from there, but the vocals are the real stand out on this. The singer, Manuela Iwansson, has a beautiful, passionate voice that ties this all together.
[Reviewer: Josh]