18th of November 2011 Update

18th of November 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

QUICK NOTE: As with all sale times we will not be taking any trade-ins during the sale (November 25-27) so if you plan on doing any of that please do that by Wednesday. If you do want credit towards the sale we would be happy to write you out a slip.  We just get too busy during sales to look at records (happily busy).

The Update for next week will be published Wednesday (Nov. 23) and will include our Record Store Day Black Friday release acquisitions so look for that.

LPs & 12″s
Bats, The    “Daddy’s Highway (Reissue + D/L)”
Birds Of Avalon    “Bazaar Bazaar (180 Gram)”
Black Keys, The    “Lonely Boy B/W Run Right Back (Reverse Groove Single)”
Black Keys, The    “Chulahoma: The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough (PIC)”
Broken Gold    “Recovery Journal”
Burnside, R.L.    “Burnside On Burnside (10th Anniversary)”
Cliff, Jimmy    “Sacred Fire EP (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl Produced By Tim Armstrong)”
Coalesce    “Give Them Rope (2×12″ Reissue)”
Copeland    “In Motion”
Cruddy    “Negative World”
Dawson, Kimya And Friends    “Thunder Thighs (Gold Vinyl + D/L)”
Dr. Alimantado    “Bessed Dressed Chicken In Town (32nd Anniversary Re-Issue)”
Eno, Brian And The Words Of Rick Holland    “Panic Of Looking”
ESG    “Come Away With ESG (+ D/L)”
Extreme Noise Terror    “Peel Sessions 1987”
Foo Fighters    “There Is Nothing Left To Lose (+ D/L)”
Foo Fighters    “Skin And Bones (First Ever Live Album + D/L)”
Foo Fighters    “Foo Fighters (Debut Album + D/L)”
Foo Fighters    “The Color And The Shape (Second Album + D/L)”
Foo Fighters    “In Your Honor (+ D/L)”
Foo Fighters    “One By One (+ D/L)”
Glassjaw    “Worship And Tribute (White Vinyl)”
Jerry’s Kids    “Is This My World”
Jones, Sharon & The Dap-Kings    “Soul Time! (+ D/L)”
King Krule    “King Krule (+ D/L)”
Lane, Nikki    “Walk Of Shame (+ D/L)”
Lynch, David    “Crazy Clown Time (+ D/L)”
Malvoeaux    “Broken Anthem / Run For Cover”
Master Musicians Of Jajouka    “The Master Musicians Of Jajouka: The Primal Energy That Is The Music And Ritual Of Jajouka, Morocco (1972 Rubiner Recordings)”
Mercyful Fate    “The Beginning”
Murder Construct    “Murder Construct (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl)”
MV & EE Medicine Show    “The Uranian Ray (Ltd. Ed.)”
Pinch & Shackleton    “Pinch & Shackleton”
Portishead    “Chase The Tear (+ D/L)”
Premonition 13    “Premonition 13 (Wino! + D/L)”
Raveonettes, The    “Raven In The Grave (+ D/L)”
Riverboat Gamblers    “Underneath The Owl (180 Gram + D/L)”
Sea Lions    “Everything You Wanted To Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid To Ask (+ D/L)”
Sigur Ros    “Inni (3LP 150 Gram Clear Vinyl + DVD)”
Sins Of Satan    “Thou Shalt Boogie Forever (Reissue)”
Skull Defekts, The    “2013-3012”
Slayer    “Now It’s Dark: Live From Eindhoven Dynamo Festival 29/5/85”
Strange Boys    “Live Music (New Studio Album + D/L)”
Throbbing Gristle    “Throbbing Gristle Bring You 20 Jazz Funk Greats (IRL003)”
Through The Eyes Of The Dead    “Bloodlust”
Total Babes    “Swimming Through Sunlight”
Various Artists    “Don’t Trust Your Neighbors: Early Albanian Traditional Songs & Improvisations, 1920s-1930s”
Voivod    “To The Death 84 (+ D/L)”
Weakerthans, The    “Left & Leaving (Reissue 2xLP)”
Weakerthans, The    “Fallow (Reissue)”
Whatever Brains    “Whatever Brains (+ D/L)”

Electronic LPs & 12″s
Archer, Mark    “Frequency”
Bell, Damon    “Kush Musik Wax”
Congorock    “Babylon”
Cottam    “Deep Deep Down”
Daphni    “Ahora / Ahora (Margot RMX)”
DMX Krew    “Broken SD140”
Drive Me Home    “Fast Life”
Falty DL    “Atlantis”
Fatima Al Qadiri    “Genre-Specific Xperience”
Flako    “Carving Away The Clay (10″)”
Kristinsson, Steindor    “Flute Machine EP”
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Vs. Digital Mystikz    “Like The Way You Should (Mala Remix) / Obeah Room (Mala Remix)”
Onra & Quetzal    “Present Tribute (2LP)”
Parish, Theo    “STFU”
Pelacha    “Funny Friends”
Populette    “Lasers Are Forever”
Powell    “Diagonal001 (The Ongoing Significance Of Steel And Flesh / 09 / 09 (Karl  O’Connor Remix) / Robotics)”
Rich Oddie (Orphx)    “Refraction / Driftwork”
Sina.    “From Love To Dust (With Kelpe Gards From KC And Soosh) EP (+ D/L)”
Starkey    “Open The Pod Bay Doors”
Treasure Fingers    “… Keep Up (Feat. Haley Small)”
Tussle / Publicist    “Split Infinitive”
Untold    “Little Things Like That / Bachelor’s Delight (+ D/L)”
Various Artists    “Inertia #1 (Delta Funktionen, Peter Van Hoesen, Roman Lindau, Sawlin)”
Various Artists    “Inertia #2 (Marcelus, Sigha, Redshape, Area Forty_One)”
Violet Poison    “Violet Poison”
Zeal    “Serenity E.P.”

Gluecifer    “Gary O’Kane”
Silversun Pickups    “Seasick”

Big Troubles “She Smiles For Pictures”
Cerebral Ballzy (/700)
Covergirl “Paris Burns”
Dreas “Dreastronaut”
Guided By Voices “We Won’t Apologize For…”
Hard-Ons With Neil Hamburger “American Exports”
Heavenly Beat “Suday”
Jeff The Brotherhood/Best Coast (/1000)
Minks “Araby”
Philm/Dave Lombardo (/500)
Saint Vitus “Saint Vitus/Born Too Late” (/1000)
Tase “Analyze”
TV Casualty

Antediluvian “Through The Cervix Of…”
Can “Tago Mago (Reissue 2CD)”
Childish Gambino “Camp”
Eddy Current Suppression Ring “So Many Things”
Gnaw Their Tongues “Per Flagellum”
King Midas Sound “Without…”
Lynch, David “Crazy Clown Time”
Megadeth “Th1rt3en”
MGMT “Late Night Tales”
Pinch & Shackleton
Premonition 13
Segall, Ty “Singles 2007-2010”
Sigur Ros “Inni” (2CD + DVD)
Skrillex “Scary Monsters +”
Throbbing Gristle “20 Jazz Funk Greats (Reissue 2CD)”
Voivod “To The Death 84”
Wold “Badb”


Jazkamer Chestnut Thornback Tar LP
This Norwegian act serves up another delightfully nasty slab of noise. Opener “Sentimental Journey” sets the mood with a 20-minute river of noxious, lava-hot guitar sludge before delving into tracks that experiment with more varied elements of noise music. There’s plenty of good ol’ static in tracks like “In The Days Of The Burning Guitar,” which sounds like a post-nuclear war melee between robots and mutants under the blinding sun, thanks to its frazzled, uncompromising drum patterns. What noise really boils down to for me, though, is what provides a freakish-enough sonic overload; I think this album really delivers on that. “Yellow Mountain Fur Peak” reminds me of the playful-yet-abrasive tinkering on Nautical Almanac’s “Rooting For The Microbes” album, while others like “It Is The Nobel Prize I Want. It’s Worth $400.000” take on a total Merzbow-level meltdown of bracing disorientation.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Kuedo Severant CD/LP

(Planet Mu)
Kuedo is a project from Jaime of Vex’d. I loved Vex’d, but it’s been revealed that his partner in that project, Roly, was perhaps more of the driving force of their gritty grimey dubstep pioneering sound.  Jaime Vex’d’s 12″ (under that name) was still in line with that sound a bit (much less dark however).  Kuedo might as well be completely disassociated beyond knowing his pedigree. Using modern elements in tandem with older soundtrack feels from the likes of Goblin, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, and John Carpenter (and more recently Zombi) Jaime has created a unique album with classic sensibilities resulting in many replays from myself (unquantifiable replayability).
[Reviewer: Rick]

Psychedelic Horsesh!t Laced LP

The extreme lo-fi craze can be pretty polarizing, and these guys chose the route of self-deprecation by identifying their genre as “shitgaze.” It’s best not to compare them to bands like Wavves, though; Psychedelic Horseshit is more enthusiastic about electronic experimentation (plus, PH’s sound is still pretty rough compared to several previously ultra-distorted bands that have gone for a cleaner sound recently, including Wavves.) “I Hate The Beach” and “Revolution Waters” are good examples of the fuzzed-out dream-like atmospheres that this album conveys. The sloppy sound and droll vocals also remind me of The UV Race’s “Homo,” but more “indie/experimental” than that record’s more traditional psych-rock roots. “French Countryside” gave me a mental image of Black Dice performing in a ramshackle arcade, and “Dead On Arrival” has a hypnotic, fantastical shimmer throughout. A more surprising track is the smoothly ambient “Automatic Writing,” which feels like a strangely calm experience inside a computer. This album sure likes to explore.
[Reviewer: Mark]