16th of December 2011 Update

16th of December 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Happy happy everyone. Once again, a final reminder that the ultimate opportunity to order any last minute gifts that we don’t have in stock is this weekend (Sunday night at the latest). You can call, stop in or email us with any inquiries. We got a ton of Poly Sleeves (bags) in this week for all those who might have been looking for them and we got a bunch of cleaning kits in as well.  Josh and I (Rick) finally picked it up on the review front this week too.

LPs & 12″s
13th Floor Elevators “Rockius Of Levitatum (15 Live Tracks 1966-67; 180 Gram)”
Anger, Kenneth / Brian Butler “Technicolor Skull”
Bats, The “Free All The Monsters”
Blacc, Aloe “I Need A Dollar / Take Me Back”
Braids “Native Speaker (+ D/L)”
Brand New “Your Favorite Weapon (10 Year Anniversary Edition; Newly Remastered + D/L)”
Dalek I “Compass (+ Bonus Flexi-Disc Of Early B-Sides)”
Depeche Mode “Live At Crocs Night Club June 27, 1981”
Eddy Current Suppression Ring “So Many Things”
Extreme Noise Terror “A Holocaust In Your Head”
Extreme Noise Terror “Law Of Retaliation”
Georgia Sea Island Singers “Join The Band”
Grupo 2000 “El Destape”
Hecker, Tim “Dropped Pianos”
Jesus And Mary Chain, The “Walk And Crawl: Unreleased Tracks, Demos & B Sides “
La Dispute “Wildlife”
Lewlewal De Podor “Yiilo Jeam”
Los Campesinos! “Hello Sadness (+ D/L)”
Louvin Brothers, The “Satan Is Real (Reissue Remastered 180 Gram + D/L With Audio Commentary)”
Marley, Bob And The Wailers “African Herbsman (Reissue)”
Menche, Daniel “Guts: Abused And Thrashed Piano Guts”
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The “The Magic Of Youth “
Modest Mouse “Good News For People Who Love Bad News (2LP)”
No UFO’s “Soft Coast”
Oh Sees, Thee / Total Control “Thee Oh Sees / Total Control”
Peaking Lights “Space Primitive”
PlanningToRock “Living It Out (Remix)”
Poison Idea “Blank Blackout Vacant”
Ranil Y Su Conjunto “Ranil’s Jungle Party (!Limited Edition!)”
Sapphire Slows “True Breath”
Segall, Ty “Singles 2007-2010”
Steel An’ Skin “Steel An’ Skin (Reissue)”
Stone Breath / Mike Seed With The Language Of Light “The Aetheric Lamp”
Various Artists “Music From Saharan Cellphones”
Various Artists “Last Time Around “
Wilco “Speak Into The Rose (Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl; Record Store Day Black Friday)” 10″

Electronic LPs & 12″s
1000 Names “Invisible Architect (2LP)”
Alixander III “Schlamm EP”
Analogue Cops, The & Blawan “Cursory EP”
Analogue Cops,The “The Purple EP”
Blawan “Peaches”
DJ Kaos “From Inside”
E.R.P. “Lunar Ruins”
Esposito, Ricardo & Michael Nadje “Nieves EP”
Factory Floor “Two Different Ways”
Goli & Ashburner “Get Up EP”
Grisha Lichtenberger “Graviton – CX (Rigid Transmission)”
Ital Tek “Gonga”
Keep Shelly In Athens “Campus Martius”
Marshal, Adam “Haze”
Nero “Crush On You (Remixes)”
Parker, Mike “Thermo”
Phoenecia “Brownout (2LP)”
Salva “Yellobone 12″ (W/ Shlohmo Remix)”
Various Artists “Bangs & Works Vol 2: The Best Of Chicago Footwork”
Various Artists “Midnight Circle Lullabies (MCDE, Marlow, XXXXX, …)”
Various Artists “Ghostek – Cryon / Ghostlight – Leaving For The City Of Saints / TH – Die (Ghostek Remix) / Ghostlight – Known All The Days”
Various Artists “5 Years Compilation (Part Three) (Architectural, DJ Faka Ideograma, Vladislav Delay, Sowing Paranoia)”
Various Artists “5 Years Compilation (Part Two) (Arcanoid, Ed Chamberlain, Trolley Route, Plant43)”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Damu The Fudgemunk “Kilawatt: Volume 1 (EP)”
Lau, Eric “Makin’ Sound”
Madlib “Medicine Show Twelve And Thirteen: Filthy Ass Remixes”
Maker & Joe Beats “Falcon By Design”
Nice, Paul (Paul Nice) “Drum Library Vol. 2 (/2,500)”
Sessions, Will “The Elmatic Instrumentals (180 Gram + D/L)”

Big Troubles “She Smiles For…”
Biosphere “Mysterier”
Covergirl “Paris Burns”
Dive “Sometime”
Harding, M. “Repaired/…”
Heavenly Beat “Suday”
Joy Division “An Ideal For Living (Unofficial)”
Minks “Araby”
Moctar, Mdou “Tahoultine…”

Antediluvian “Through The Cervix…”
Drexciya “Journey Of The Deep Sea (Deluxe)”
Segall, Ty “Singles 2007-2010”
Various Artists “Bangs & Works Vol. 2”
Wold “Freemasonry”


Collections of Colonies of Bees Giving CD/LP
This Wisconsin post-rock band is known for collaborating with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver to form Volcano Choir. Here, right from the opening track “Lawn,” CCB sound like they’re roaming freely on endless verdant meadows beneath a blue sky as far as the eye can see. Like Battles and Explosions in the Sky, they utilize their experimental style to explore gorgeous sound plateaus and, on this record, create a feel-good vibe instead of trying to sound overly “challenging.” The energetic drumrolls and sunshine-tinged guitar really help stimulate the atmosphere, creating an uplifting world that’s just fun to get lost in. It all culminates with the sunset-ready 9-minute finale “Vorms,” which includes plenty of cymbal-crashes, mood-evoking orchestral electronics, and an enthusiastic, twinkling piano-line.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Warsaw (Joy Division) Reaction LP
(A Rockville Production)
Before Joy Division was “Joy Division”, they were known for about 18 months as, “Warsaw”. They only played a handful of shows and recorded a five song demo before officially changing their name to avoid being confused with Warsaw Pakt. “Reaction” is an unofficial compilation, tracks one through eight were recorded live off the soundboard at Rock Garden (Middlesbrough U.K 14.9.1977), while tracks nine through thirteen were recorded at a rehearsal (Moss Road 1977). These recordings definitely capture a heavier, harder, and slower version of these guys then what’s displayed only a few months later on, “An Ideal For Living”. Ian Curtis is screaming, growling and not singing. The sound quality is very good and despite the colorfully violent review of the live gig provided on the back jacket, there is little crowd rowdiness present here in this recording. 
[Reviewer: Josh]

Salva Yellobone 12″
(Tall Corn Music)
This is where I’m at right now. Long playing singles with solid tracks. This is some serious electronic funk for the 2010s (as opposed to what I might think of from the 80s anytime the words electronic and funk are used together). It’s got the purple vibe that Joker coined with the second song of the A side having some nice Zapp sounding vocoder sounds (taking it back to the 70s to move forward from the 80s apparently – at least according to how I’m reviewing this).  The B side starts off nice and sweet with a track that gets some nice mixes of bass sounds intertwined with some house style vocal samplings. And it finishes with remixes by Shlohmo and the LOL Boys which are both worthy of club play (the hippest of clubs; no sarcasm implied).
[Reviewer: Rick]

Sina. (With Kelpe Gards From KC And Soosh)
 From Love To Dust 12″
(Project: Mooncircle)
Glitch-hop, trip-hop, and whatever other words you want to use for down tempo syncopation jams fit this (one could not deny the witchy aesthetic of the 12″ sleeve). The A side is three different tracks including the title track and the B side is three versions of the title track. It’s got some house-like qualities (clean production), but never enters into the uptempo 4/4 realm. Sweet estrogen filled vocal lines meander in and out of tracks (Creep perhaps comes to mind, but with less focus on the vocalist and more on just being chill). Wild woods environmental sounds (wood blocks, birds chirping, general ambience) hover just beneath the surface as well.  The A side finishes with a funk laden subdued Outkast sounding joint with a nice sugary synth line. The remixes are far enough away from the original and each other to keep it worth a listen through (rather than one at a time as if often meant with 12″ singles).
[Reviewer: Rick]