9th of December 2011 Update

9th of December 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Another busy week here at the shop. I think I’ve inadvertently left the new electronic stuff from last week in the mix with this update, but I think you can read some repeats with little injury. Just as a reminder, we do do Gift Certificates in case your family/friends are asking you what you want.  In fact, we just had a nice new design done for the Gift Certificates by Todd Rogers (Teaessare Design; same guy who’s done much work for us in the past including our stickers, sign and a few shirts).  I’ll probably do a tease of those once I have some printed on nice stock tomorrow.  Once again, our friend Mark has come through with a review which is nice because when we’re busy like this we tend to not get to even thinking about doing a review (thanks again, Mark). So, yea, onto the business of updating.

LPs & 12″s
Alkaline Trio    “From Here To Infirmary (2011 Reissue)”
Bitch Magnet    “Bitch Magnet (3XLP)”
Childish Gambino    “Camp (Debut Album 180 Gram + Bonus Tracks + D/L)”
Cripple Bastards    “Frammenti Di Vita”
Dead Reptile Shrine    “The Sun Of Circles And Wood (Gatefold)”
Deardarkhead     “Oceanside 1991-1993”
Drake   “Take Care”
ELF    “ELF (PIC LP /2500)”
For Today    “Breaker”
Front Bottoms, The    “Slow Dance To Soft Rock / Grip N Tie (Gatefold 2×10″)”
Grateful Dead    “Built To Last (Gatefold 180 Gram)”
H20    “Don’t Forget Your Roots”
Junius / Rosetta    “Rosetta / Junius”
King Dude    “Love “
Kyuss    “… And The Circus Leaves Town (180 Gram Repress)”
Manson, Charles    “Trees (Installment #2 In The ATWA Series. All Songs Previously Unheard And Unreleased)”
Master Musicians Of Bukkake    “Twilight Of The Kali Yuga Tours: Live Totems U.S/U.K./Europe 2009-2011”
Minerva, Maria    “Sacred & Profane Love”
Nicely, Nick    “Elegant Daze: 1979-1986”
Parks, Van Dyke    “Arrangements Volume I (180 Gram)”
Pink Floyd    “The Dark Side Of The Moon (180 Gram + Stickers + Posters + D/L)”
Pop Group, The    “Y (Import Reissue; No Insert Poster)”
Pyramids / Horseback    “A Throne Without A King (LP+7″)”
Q And Not U     “No Kill No Beep Beep”
Reproach    “The Bitter End”
Servants, The    “Youth Club Disco”
Should    “A Folding Sieve”
Smashing Pumpkins    “Gish (180 Gram Metallic Cover Reissue)”
Souleyman, Omar    “Leh Jani (2LP)”
Stepehen Stephen / The Urxed    “Stephen Stephen / The Urxed”
Tallest Man On Earth    “Shallow Grave”
Various Artists    “World’s Funkiest Covers”
Various Artists    “Mungo’s HiFi: Sound System Champions (Top Cat, Ranking Joe, Tippa Irie, Soom T,…)”
Verbal Abuse    “Rocks Your Liver”
Winehouse, Amy    “Lioness: Hidden Treasures (180 Gram)”
Wives    “Roy Tapes”

Electronic LPs & 12″s
A Made Up Sound    “Take The Plunge”
Al Tourettes    “Swan Sketch EP”
Andrews, Guy    “Shades / Textures”
Author    “Author (2LP)”
B.D.I.    “Decoded Messages Of Life & Love / New Robotics #17”
Ben Sun    “Path Of Non-Attachment”
Burial / Four Tet      “Moth”
Chloe    “Watch Out”
Cooly G    “Landscapes (Feat. Simbad) / It’s Serious (Feat. Karizma)”
Cowley, Abraham    “A Step Goodbye”
DMX Krew    “Cosmic Awakening EP”
Doubleheart    “Salsa Apocalypso”
DSCRD    “Discordance EP”
DVA    “Polyphonic Dreams”
Echelon Plan, The    “Black Dots In An Ocean Of White.”
Elliott, Ryan    “Kicking Up”
Flug 8    “Liebeslied”
Garcia, Simon    “Tears In Vain”
Gold Panda    “An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds”
Gold Panda    “DJ-Kicks”
GoldFFinch    “Red Mask”
Joash    “Mission RMX”
Karenn    “Sheworks001”
Kingdom    “Dreama”
Latecomer    “A Cosmic Cart”
Lazer Sword    “Sounds Sane / Klock (10″)”
Lenz, Adrian / Sandman    “Cover Me (Ol Oil’ Riddim) / No Prisoners”
LFO    “Frequencies (Reissue 2LP + D/L + 2 Bonus Tracks)”
Mangeblanc    “Tom-Tit Edits: On Our Way To?/Vishnu (10″)”
Mr Oizo    “Stade 2”
Ohara, Raz    “See It Coming”
Persian    “Existence Is Resistance (Ltd. Ed.)”
Raiders Of The Lost ARP    “Battlestar EP”
Raime    “Hennail”
Rrose    “Merchant Of Salt”
Rush, Dasha    “Relativismi”
Scuba    “DJ-Kicks”
Sepalcure    “Sepalcure”
Smallpeople    “Black Ice / Stellar / Little River”
Splits & Slits    “Hammering EP”
Stagga    “Wild For The Night”
Teebs    “Collections”
Terranova    “So Strong”
Tofu Productions    “Trabalhador / E Quake / Amega Furu / The Scream”
Tycho    “Dive (2LP)”
Various Artists    “KANN RSD: Record Store Day 05/11/2011 (Sun Glitters, Bender & Sevensol)”
Various Artists (Versalife / Matti Turunen)    “Abstract Forms: Combined EP V2.0 (/250)”
Wareika    “Floors”
Zomby    “Nothing (+ D/L)”

Evens, The “Warble Factor”
Inside “Tokyo Straight Edge”
Manson, Charles “Inner Sanctum”
Mum “Gleoileg Jol”
This Will Destroy You “Black Dunes”
Tremors “Island Songs”
Twilight Sad, The “Sick”

Delay, Vladislav “Vantaa”
FM3: HeXieFu (Buddha Box Related Project In Super Deluxe Packaging)
Monolith, Dave “Welcome”
Seahaven “Winter Forever”
Stott, Andy “Passed Me By / We Stay Together” (2CD)
Sweet Exorcist “RetroActivity”
Various “Original Cumbia” (2CD)
Various “Tresor 20th Anniversary (Mixed By Mike Huckaby)”

Maximum Rock N Roll #343


Moonface Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped CD/LP
Moonface is a project from Canadian indie musician Spencer Krug, whose credits include Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown and Frog Eyes. Just as the title suggests, Krug’s organ takes center stage, creating a nostalgic 80s-electronic sound backed up by a looping drum machine and his emotional, resonant vocals. On this record, he crafts hypnotic atmospheres that sound suited for underwater levels in 8-bit video games, particularly in the jovial/droll-sounding opener “Return to the Violence of the Ocean Floor,” where the organ seems to complement an elegant coral reef formation. The big standout track is “Fast Peter,” which utilizes a very simple yet energetic and quick-paced hook that really creates a feeling of movement. Each of these five tracks is relatively lengthy (ranging six-and-a-half to eight minutes,) making it easier to focus on and absorb each landscape.
[Reviewer: Mark]